Barclays Pull the Plug

Authorities in Sark say the Barclay Brothers have been bad news for the island.

That’s according to a statement from the island’s Seigneur, Michael Beaumont.

It says: “Of the claimed £5 million investment there is little evidence of it in Sark.

“On the contrary, the authorities believe the island has been financially disadvantaged by the manner of their property transactions, in their tax avoidance schemes and in defence of their legal suits.”

The statement goes on to say: “The Sark authorities consider the reaction to the democratic will of the people unacceptable…

“And whilst we have the greatest sympathy with all those affected, particularly that this should have occurred at this time of year, we remain determined not to be intimidated by such action.”

It’s the first official response from the island’s authorities since the Barclays closed down their businesses in the island.


The Barclay Brothers have made their first public comment on why they closed down their businesses in Sark last week.

In an article in The Telegraph, which they own, they were described as “being conscious that Christmas is approaching.”

On Monday, their estates manager Kevin Delaney, told Channel Television he was seeking “funding to alleviate hardship.”

An appeal to help people in Sark who were sacked following the election has now reached £2,000.

The Submarine appeal closes on Christmas Eve. The cash will go to Sark’s Procurer des Pauvres who will give it to those most in need.

Neil Inder, Submarine Limited, spoke to

Meanwhile the Isle of Sark Shipping Company has made a public assurance that the company is continuing to operate normal scheduled services. A spokesman said only the weather might disrupt sailings.

Sark’s General Purposes and Advisory Committee say they regret the decision to withdraw the Barclay Brothers’ investment programme.

The brothers pulled the plug when their preferred candidates in the general election were mostly rejected by the electorate.

Around 40 young islanders and up to a hundred visiting workers were sacked the day after the election.

The Committee has expressed its sympathy to the families affected by the sudden closures of the hotels, restaurants and shops.

Islanders in Sark are trying to come to terms with devastating news.

Everyone in the island working for Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, around 140 people in all, have been made redundant with immediate effect.

Hotels, restaurants and shops have been closed down. The impact of the decision has devastated island families, some of whom have been seen in tears.

The action follows the result of this week’s general election form Sark’s first fully-democratic government.

The sacked workers, a large proportion of the island’s entire workforce, have arranged a meeting for Monday. They want to hear from the newly-elected Chief Pleas about future work prospects.

Meanwhile, the final results of the Result of General Election held on 10th December 2008, to elect 28 Conseillers have been announced.