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Most Watched TV Networks of USA of 2018

Even in the recent times, the television is one of the most effective media of communication. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is still the daily dose of happiness for many. Although, there might be some confusions going among the people regarding which are the Most Watched TV Networks of USA! Hereby, we are discussing on the same.

7 Most Watched TV Networks of USA that you shouldn’t miss!

Although, people’s requirement differs a lot from each other. Go through our list and find whether the network you love is present on our list or not!

1. Fox News

Fox NewsSince it’s foundation in the year of 1996, the Fox News group is a leading news provider to the millions of citizens. At present, it is having a presence in around billion households in the United States. This indicates the crowd appeal it is having amongst the people of America.


Possessing over 240 Television Stations all across the United States, CBS has continuously evolved itself as per the changing time. Perhaps, this is the main reason why it is so much popular among the people. It provides news through its various radio stations. Additionally, one can also get access to a lot of interesting and exciting featured content which will make us stick to them in a long run!

3. NBC

NBCHaving its firm root in the mind of people since the Second World War, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is a daily dose of commercial updates, sports and news for many. We can imagine the popularity of this one of the Most Watched TV Networks of USA, that it’s viewership isn’t just limited to the boundaries of US. But it has crossed over and reached the fellow neighbouring countries too.

4. HBO

HBOProviding amazing content to the viewers since 1972, the Home Box Office is popular among the people of all age groups. With over 50 million subscribers in the United States and over 130 million worldwide, you will always get a variety of content from them. What’s more, it is available worldwide which signifies the hold of viewers it is having.


ESPNThe ESPN is among the Most Watched TV Networks of USA for the sports segment. If you are a sports lover then it is quite clear that you might be a big fan of ESPN. It broadcasts various sports events such as Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball and a lot more. Due to this, many people stick to ESPN so as to stay updated with the sports.

6. Univision


Initially begun as a Spanish International Network, Univision relaunched itself in the year of 1987 as Univision. It is providing 164 Hours a week of programs to its viewers. Therefore, if you are a fan of most watched tv shows, then you will never get a boring feel.

7. USA Network

USA NetworkA part of  NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Group, the USA Network also features among the Most Watched TV Networks. You will find a variety of series on it such as feature films, thriller movies and also sports programming. Perhaps, this is the reason why it is popular among the users since last 38 years.