Channel Television to be sold to ITV plc

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Leah Ferguson reports. Featured: Channel Television Managing Director Karen Rankine and Guernsey Home Minister Geoff Mahy

Channel Television is to be sold to ITV plc.

Contracts have been exchanged between current owners Yattendon Group plc and ITV, though the deal is subject to the approval of the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority.

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Jess spoke to ITV's Director of News, Michael Jermey, and began by asking him how the takeover will change our programming

Yattendon Group plc have released the following statement:

"Yattendon Group Plc today announces that it has entered into an agreement with ITV plc to sell Channel Television subject to the approval of the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority.

Channel Television has been owned by Yattendon Group since 2001 and during that period it has further established its reputation as a broadcaster of the highest quality.

This change of ownership comes as Channel Television is about to enter its 50th anniversary year and marks an important and exciting step in the companyís future. Channel Television is proud of its strong local heritage and under ITVís ownership, will continue to serve the communities in the islands with high quality news, information and factual programming."

Channel 3 is made up of a collection of 15 regional licensees and one national licence - ITV Breakfast. Eleven of the 15 regional licences in England and Wales are owned by ITV plc, which was formed in 2004 following the merger of Granada and Carlton.

SMG owns the two Scottish licences, Scottish Television and Grampian; UTV has the licence for Northern Ireland and Channel Television held the licence for the Channel Islands.

Many of the core network activities of Channel 3 are carried out on behalf of all licensees by the ITV Network. In particular, the ITV Network buys and commissions programmes and also creates the common network schedule which is exploited by each Channel 3 licensee in their region.

The Networking Arrangements (NWA), which date back to the Broadcasting Act 1990, require the Channel 3 licensees to conclude a set or arrangements that enable them to work together to produce a national television service.

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ITV Channels Report Abuse
Posted By: Laurence on 24-Oct-2011
Will we be able to get the other ITV channels on freeview i.e. ITV2,3,4 etc?

ITV plc did not buy Channel for the advertising revenue Report Abuse
Posted By: Arthur on 22-Oct-2011
Nathan: I would suggest that the income from advertising during the local news of Channel Report is very small change to ITV plc and probably even in the Channel Islands as is the case for the rest of the network the bulk of the revenue comes from high ratings shows such as Coronation Street, and Ant and Dec. And do not forget that it is ITV plc which for numerous years now has sold advertising time for all fifteen regions including Channel TV. I would suggest that the reason why ITV plc has purchased Channel TV is not for any interest in local programming, or for protifts from advertising revenue, or even to empire build in another region, but for the compliance business. When OfCom changed the rules about the level of fines being no longer based on the size/audience of the TV station responsible, they ultimately sealed the fate of Channel TV as a takeover target. As for licence commitments for local programming, these are set by OfCom, and as far as I am aware the States government has no authority in the matter, but I would be pleased to learn otherwise. The loss of local news for the Isle of Man with a replacement of a dedicated news service from Border TV with the news from Manchester would suggest what the future will bring.

Simple Report Abuse
Posted By: Nathan St Helier on 20-Oct-2011
If Channel News were reduced to a 5 minute opt, people wouldn't watch the station - simple. Advertisers would leave, revenues fall and in the end no-one wins. What is happening in Southampton just isn't relevant here and I doubt very much ITV would kill off the business they have just bought by reducing the content. Don't forget there are license commitments for local programming which must be adhered to, whilst ofcom may have reduced these for some areas of the UK, I doubt the states of either islands would approve this over here.

Cost Cutting Report Abuse
Posted By: Simon - St Peter Port on 19-Oct-2011
Those who think this is great need to look at examples of what has already happened. Viewers to HTV West and Westcountry TV lost out when ITV Plc took over. They created a super region and now instead of local news they get news that does not apply to them. Local news and local output are what ITV Plc want to cut back on despite what they may say. A great example of Channels greatness was Channel were the only station to stay on the Air in the great ITV Strike of 1979 when all other stations had no programmes for over 2 months. It is also a shame we will not see Channels 50th Anniversary next year.

Corporate greed claims another victim Report Abuse
Posted By: Arthur Murgatroyd on 18-Oct-2011
When are the first pink slips expected to arrive on the desks? Adam Crozier has made it clear that the result of the takeover will be "consolidation and cost saving" ie staff will be fired. How soon should viewers expect Channel Report be reduced to just a 5 minute opt out of the news from Bristol? How soon will the Channel Online site and its staff be fired and be eplaced by a feeble single page at Channel TV's fiftieth anniversary is being celebrated by putting in motion steps tomake it possible in the future to shutdown the station completely in the future, as ITV plc's vision is for a single commercial national TV network in which there is no room for even regional news. If readers think that it could never happem then may I remind them what happened to Border Television and Westcountry Television.

CTV BOUGHT Report Abuse
Posted By: Ben on 18-Oct-2011
Rather than moan about what ITV plc may or may not do to Channel Television, I suggest now is the time to rally round and support our local (free) independent news provider, and show the new owners how important and highly valued Channel TV is. I wonder where Channel TV would be now if Mr Scott hadn't asset stripped the bussiness for his own personal gain, it's so much easier to destroy than it is to create. Let's hope ITV plc are creaters.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: a local on 18-Oct-2011

Sad Report Abuse
Posted By: Joe, Vale on 18-Oct-2011
People may moan, but now ITV will have pretty much full control all the separate licences meaning local output will reduce and we'll appear even more so as little England. A very sad day indeed.

ITV Channel Television Report Abuse
Posted By: Allan Watts on 18-Oct-2011
As a former employee I'm proud of what Channel Television produces every night. With a fraction of the resources of its bigger sister at Meridian, the team broadcasts local news and community information every lunchtime, evening and night, not to mention weekends. channelonline is the benchmark for all ITV online regional news and the station has constantly innovated and led the field technologically ahead of the rest of the ITV network. There is strong leadership in the newsroom and the team will benefit from this move. Producing regional news is an incredibly expensive operation. Yattendon have been brilliant in their support but in the current climate with dwindling revenues, this transaction not only makes sense, it was inevitable. I hope we continue to see Channel Report on air every night for 30 minutes for some time to come. I know that Mike Jermey (ITV) and the rest of the ITV network hold Channel in great esteem and the team there should take that on board and do what they do best.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: nain st brelades on 18-Oct-2011
Wonder what position Clive holds at ctv?

Plurality Report Abuse
Posted By: Harry on 18-Oct-2011
after watching the news tonight and hearing the deputy in Guernsey bang on about Plurality, me thinks he should look it up on google as their will be one less independent voice if this deal goes through so more Plurality Deputy i'd say a tad less................... so good luck to all the staff and on a positive note we might get some real investigative journalism we can hope

Posted By: Steve St.Helier on 18-Oct-2011
This is a move in the bright direction,and to be honest I really dont think they want to change anything about such a successful station,and job losses I dont think so!!and with the best looking femaile news presenters,of the lot forget it!!!

Bad decision Report Abuse
Posted By: Anon, UK on 18-Oct-2011
I've a bad feeling that this is the death knell for Channel. ITV have made it clear in areas like Border and Westcountry that it is unwilling to provide much in the way of regional output anymore. Channel will be very lucky if its local news service isn't replaced by the likes of Meridian Tonight (already covering an area stretching from Oxfordshire to the Isle of Wight & from Dorset to Kent) let alone hang onto Puffin & Report Sport. Sadly, rather than meaning more local programming as some would like, I think this sale is likely to mean less, probably far less.

another tax loss? Report Abuse
Posted By: dave/stclements on 18-Oct-2011
does this meen they new uk based company will play little or no tax , unlike us , the working residents?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Simon - St Peter Port on 18-Oct-2011
ITV was set up as regional companies. This was then lost through the Carlton and Central buyout of all but 3 regions. Now ITV Plc is set to get its hands on 1 of those 3. I for 1 am disappointed by this and think Channel should have been embracing it's independence much like UTV and STV (the only 2 non ITV Plc regions now). This merger will probably spell the end of many jobs and will probably mean the local news and information will be curtailed. I can forsee Channel Islands News being a 5 minute segment of Meridian Tonight every day much like the poor opt out service the BBC offer on Spotlight.

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