Tough test for Guernsey Rugby

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The Royal Bank of Scotland International Guernsey Colts had a tough test last week.

It's not often the team get to play top opposition in their age group, but they had a really tough test on Sunday

They had to be at their best against the London Wasps Colts on Sunday.

They had the huge task of taking on the London Wasps colts who were going to be more than a stern test for the Sarnians.

Things didn't start particulary well either. It took just 4 minutes for the visitors to take the lead.

But Guernsey did battle back and played well. They frustrated the Wasps for half an hour, before the yellow and blacks scored their second try of the afternoon.

So at half time it was 14 nil, and despite battling hard it didn't look like Guernsey were going to get any points. But that wasn't the case. After fighting their way down the pitch, Guernsey were given a penalty and Luke Jones converted the chance.

The Wasps were too strong for the colts, and despite their best efforts the Sarnians conceeded antother 2 trys making it 26-3.

But soon Guernsey had their own 5 points. Luke Butel surged through and was caught with a high tackle. The refree awarded a deserved penalty try. Jones kicked the conversion under the posts.

After that the Wasps upped their game and scored more points before the final whistle.

The game finished 47-10 and it was a valliant effort by the home side and their opponents were impressed with their display.

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Colts v Wasps Report Abuse
Posted By: Charlie McHugh on 18-Dec-2010
Great report thanks for attending. Any chance we could have a copy for the academy website please? Ha ha the coach you interviewed in this clip from Wasps was Gordon Kennedy TV star - as in "Little John" in Robin Hood and the National Lottery presenter. Small world of the little screen !

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