Christmas behind bars

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Tamsin Eames reports.

Prison officers in Jersey hope changes to the way the jail operates will help offenders with their rehabilitation.

Back in June, a report by the UK's Chief Inspector of Prisons said La Moye was transformed. Since a damning assessment eight years ago, the States invested in new accommodation blocks and learning facilities.

Staff say with more activities for inmates to do, less trouble is caused. There are many courses available for them. There’s even a chance to gain a qualification in horticulture.

Prison has to be about punishment but Jersey’s governor Bill Millar says safety, respect and purposeful activity is important to rehabilitate offenders so there's less risk of them returning.

Mr Millar, who was appointed governor in March 2008, transformed the prison from one that received highly critical inspections in 2001 and 2005 to one that, when re-inspected in 2013, was described by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons as “an institution that has been transformed, both physically and in terms of improved practice, from the prison we inspected eight years ago”.

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Posted By: tony on 19-Dec-2013
Sounds good to me bed,food,a little work, all for free, hope they all have a good Crimbo I wont,

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