Cycling to a sustainable future

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Tristen Dodd, TTS Transport Manager

When the words sustainable and transport come together, bicycles are usually involved.

As competitors in today's (Sunday) new-look Jersey Triathalon sped along a car-free Victoria Avenue, another group took advantage of the road closure to talk up the advantages of cycling.

One lane of the Avenue was coned-off for pleasure cyclists.

It marked the end of a month-long cycle challenge which had the aim of getting people to ride their bikes more.

The challenge had been staged by the Technical and Transport Services Department to promote their sustainable transport policy. If commuters cycled to work once a week - or travelled by bus -there would be a big fall in the number of vehicles on the road.

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[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: grumpyoldwoman (St. Ouen) on 09-Jul-2013
Cyclists have been complaining for years about grit surfaces, so why isn't anyone listening to them! What's the point of building a cycle track that people with modern narrow tyred bikes won't use? I used to cycle on the railway walk - slowly, for fun and on an old style mountain bike and agree that dogs running in front of cyclists can cause accidents. It's not just the ones off the lead, but the ones on those retractable leads that allow the animal to roam quite a way ahead of the owner and cross the path of cyclists randomly are also a problem.

No Grit Please Report Abuse
Posted By: Jane on 07-Jul-2013
Agree with another comment, please don't put grit down on the cycle paths, obviously the person that plans this is not a cyclist, nightmare for bikes and service bumpy. Anyone noticed the kerbs down at La Collette only the other year this purpose made cycle path has high kerbs, tempered with bit of added tarmac as an after thought. Why on earth was this signed off, why was the contractor told to put it right? Full marks on creating the cycle path if only it could have been done right. Dog owners, want to keep your pet? Keep the thing on a lead, and don't let it roam across cycle paths if you value it.

Keep your dog on a lead. Report Abuse
Posted By: A. Greenhill on 05-Jul-2013
Spot on Old School, seen those dog owners that park up on the front, dog jumps out and goes right across cycle track off the lead putting others in danger. If you value your dog, lead it up. Is there not some rule about having to keep a dog on a lead when on a beach anyway? Does this still exist, few people seem to do it. If there is a rule, why is it not enforced? The amount of times you see dogs bounding up to people. Perhaps a few fines will help focus dog owners minds.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: old school on 02-Jul-2013
Spot on Gerry cycle path is great i use it every day but you have to time your ride to avoid the stress of dog owners who let the dog jump out the back of the car and across the path off the lead and on to the beach and parents who let the kids ride while not in control of them a accident waiting to happen . This is bad enough but to have some cycling at speed past the toilets and cafes on the way is not on. The island is a great place for sport now is the time before island games to help stop the grid locks when events are held free bus service and taxis on the days may help .

cycle in? me neither! Report Abuse
Posted By: grumpyoldwoman (St. Ouen) on 02-Jul-2013
Some more sophisticated workplaces provide showers and a changing room for cyclists, but many do not. If you work in an office you're expected to look smart and well groomed, not sweaty and dishevelled from battling the elements. I've not heard of any retail outlets that provide these facilities, their staff are expected to look presentable too. Also the time it would take, unless you're super fit and have an expensive racing bike, makes it a no-no for most people, especially if they have kids to see off to school, or need to be home when they finish. Cycling is a great fair weather recreational activity, but not convenient as a means of commuting. Improve the Mon-Fri bus services from rural areas, with free parking at the parish hall maybe, and more people would use it. If I wanted to go to work by bus from where I live I would have to leave home at 7.15am (next bus, 9.30am - no use to commuters whatsoever) and be sure to be on the last bus home at 5.35pm (no overtime or socialising then!) or I would be stranded! Sustainable transport my a**e! Make the bus company provide a useful service for commuters if they want bums on seats!

Cycling to a sustainable future Report Abuse
Posted By: jane blakeley on 01-Jul-2013
Big effort by Tristen Dodd at TTS. As a local practicing architect where eco, sustainability ideas and energy saving are now top priority for my projects one better that TTS is aiming to get it right with transport. Our lives are going to become more and more focused on such issues and for our homes. Keep up the hard work TTS!

I want to ride my bicycle Report Abuse
Posted By: Queen on 01-Jul-2013
people are too damn lazy over here and moan about the 20/30 "commute" to town by bike. Try getting up at 5.30am everyday to commute 2-3 hours before and after work every day in a cramped tube. Commuting (if you can call it that in Jersey) is a pleasure cycling. Government, should give tax breaks if you don't use your car to and fro work (environmental, congestion etc...)

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Gerry. St Helier on 01-Jul-2013
This is all very well but the inner road was clogged up solid! Was it necessary to close both lanes on the Avenue when we have a perfectly good cycle path along the front,

Umm Report Abuse
Posted By: Doug on 01-Jul-2013
this caused major traffic problems for vehicles,, a sad day when cyclists have to wear hard hats and flouresant jackets when cycling lol

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: P on 01-Jul-2013
Stop spending money on gravel based cycle paths, a cyclist's worst nightmare. If the States are serious about getting people on bikes, stop laying the worst possible surface and encouraging those with thin tyres to avoid them. Not only are they low traction and terrible when wet, they are a nightmare for punctures. Next time THINK,

Thank You Report Abuse
Posted By: Annoyed in St Helier on 30-Jun-2013
Thanks so much for bringing the Island to a virtual gridlock this afternoon. No one minds a sporting event but sort out the infrastructure to manage it. Today was Jersey in amateur hour and the chaos didn't warrant it. Sort it out triathlon amateurs!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Steve, St Brelade on 30-Jun-2013
Great idea, just a shame that the roads are in such a terrible state that cycling really is quite dangerous... and that's just the ones that have been resurfaced recently.

Currently displaying the top 12 comments View all 12 comments

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