Major bust disrupts drugs ring

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Craig Jackson, Acting Detective Inspector

Two men and a woman have been charged with conspiracy to import heroin into Jersey.

45-year-old Mario Romano Capuano, 20-year-old Michael Morton McBride and 28-year-old Georgina Mary Mason have all been remanded to La Moye.

It follows a major Police investigation with separate raids taking place in Jersey and France.

Weapons were seized and a total of 350 thousand pounds worth of heroin and cannabis taken.

Capuano, McBride and Mason will all appear in the Magistrates Court on Monday.

Three other people arrested in relation to this operation have been released pending further enquiries.

One man who was arrested following a second operation into cannabis importation has been released pending further enquiries.

Three others remain in custody in France.

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Another dissapointment. Report Abuse
Posted By: C@rLiNHo5 on 11-May-2013
I really don't agree with man made dangerous hard drugs, i think it's all disgusting!! However, I also don't agree with people being locked up for using/supplying Cannabis. Cannabis is God's gift to us, a natural weed, who are "THEY" to tell me that I can't have it? Alcohol and tobacco does more damage than Cannabis ever has. Alcohol kills, and causes folk to lose their minds every weekend, it's the fuel of domestic violence and ruins people's lives, the statistics speak for themselves, yet there has never once been a fatality due to Cannabis use, it comparison it's a passive plant. Furthermore, hemp would literally save the world. Do you know how much forest we could save if we used hemp instead of trees for materials and fabrics, hemp instead of oil for plastics which don't biodegrade and stay in the earth for 1000's of years? It takes 100's of years to grow a substantially large tree, but you can turn around acres of a hemp crop twice a year ...How much healthier the world would be using hemp fuel as invented by Henry Ford in the 1940's instead of burning fossil fuels and causing pollution?!! Henry Ford also invented the Hemp Car, made from a hemp plastic that's 10x stronger than steel and much lighter than today's cars. Honestly, the governments and huge corporations of the world need to take a serious look at how they're ruining things and stop thinking with their greedy pockets, we really are at the cross roads of our future as a civilization, and we're running out of time fast. If we care at all about our children, we all need to educate ourselves and take informative action!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Michael Gafoor - St Helier on 03-May-2013
We need to reduce both demand and availability of drugs in order to minimise the harms caused by illegal drugs.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: grumpyoldwoman (St. Ouen) on 03-May-2013
What have the machete and firearm been charged with?!

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