Jersey v Nottingham postponed

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Rob Jones reports

The Championship rugby match between Jersey and Nottingham was controversially called off.

The referee made the decision after a late pitch inspection just over an hour ahead of the scheduled kick off.

The home side were keen to play the match, but the referee identified small areas of the pitch that weren't safe to play on.

The game had been switched to a training pitch because of the poor state of the main arena ground.

Volunteers had worked throughout Friday and this morning to get the pitch playable. The ground was prepared to accommodate a crowd of 2,000-plus.

The decision was a big let-down for the travelling Nottingham fans. Around 200 were at St Peter's for the game.

The postponed match is now likely to take place on March 16th subject to official approval from the organising body.

And the day got worse for Jersey. Their lead over bottom-placed Doncaster shrank to a single point.
Doncaster beat Leeds 23 - 17.

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Posted By: Cliff St Saviour on 17-Feb-2013
The pitch does not look great to be honest but i have seen games played there in that state this season. Nottingham R.F.C were the ones not prepared to play as i understand. The ref had deemed the pitch playable 2 days earlier so how could it have become unplayable on the Saturday considering it had not rained in between that time? I feel that Nottingham might have called a tactical decision not to play this game as they may not have been keen to take Jersey on in the muddy conditions. Jersey play well on much softer ground as their forward pack tends to dominate in these conditions and they have one of the most powerful forwards in this league. Nottingham on the other hand are a quicker team who suit harder turf in order for their backs to play open fast rugby and score tries therefore they would have struggled against Jersey on Saturday. Nottingham suffered a rare loss last week to London Scottish on a muddy pitch and they would not of wanted a repeat of that again at St Peter as they need the points in order to remain in the play off position in the table for possible promotion to the premier league for next season. Jersey also need the points but for them its to stay in this league so if that meant to play in the mud and grind out another home win in these conditions then we may have been hard done by.

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Posted By: Socceroo on 17-Feb-2013
I had tears iin my eyes when I heard the news - Tears of laughter!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: dave/stclements on 16-Feb-2013
shame this story does not say exactly why the pitch is un playable

J.R.F.C. Report Abuse
Posted By: Nigel St Helier on 16-Feb-2013
A big dissapointment, i got to the ground just after 2 pm, just in time to find out there was no game. It,s the away supporters i feel sorry for, coming all this way for nothing. I think the ref made the right decision, if the pitch was unsafe to play on, the players safety comes first. C,mon J.R.F.C. your a championship team, how about investing in some rain covers for the main pitch.

Currently displaying the top 4 comments View all 4 comments

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