Horse-meat lasagne shelved in Iceland

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - lasagnes

Findus UK lasagnes containing horse-meat have been taken off the supermarket shelves in Jersey.

The frozen food company confirmed that horse-meat has been found in its beef lasagne.

Both Iceland - which is owned by Sandpiper CI, - and Co-op has confirmed it stopped selling the frozen lasagnes.

The Co-op says anyone who has bought the product can return it and get a full refund.

Tests are also being undertaken on all Co-op own-brand products which contain beef.

Findus says the product was made by a third-party supplier and has apologised to its customers.

The Food Standards Agency said that some of the Findus samples consisted of between 60 and 100% horsemeat, but added there was no evidence it was a food safety risk.

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Posted By: Steve-o on 10-Feb-2013
Ordred a burger last night and he said want do i want on it... i said a fiver each way ... he did'nt look amused lol

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Cliff St Saviour on 09-Feb-2013
neigh problem to me whats the big deal its horse meat the french have eaten it for years. I must admit though it has given me the trots before.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Phuff on 09-Feb-2013
I've eaten horse meat steaks in both France and Holland, nothing wrong with it provided is cooked properly (by which I mean not still galloping) it's tender and tasty and LEANER than cow or bull.

my little pony Report Abuse
Posted By: grumpyoldwoman (St. Ouen) on 09-Feb-2013
If you've bought one of these lasagnas and don't fancy it give it to your neigh - bour! Seriously though, if I'd paid for a packet of butter and got margarine I would feel cheated. Beef lasagne should be made of dead cow, not horse.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Me78 on 09-Feb-2013
The main scandal about this issue is not what sort of meat is in the pies -it is where the meat came from I have horses and they are treated (legally) with drugs that are illegal for animals farmed to be eaten. Two of my horses had scans in the UK involving radioactive istopes - one was cremated and the other is still alive. I am sure you don't want to feed radioactive meat to your kiddies. Best shop at a proper butcher

Confusing Report Abuse
Posted By: Jerriase on 08-Feb-2013
All this gallavanting and trotting out tails of equine skull duggery has got me thinking fish have fingers? and if not what on earth is in those rectangular yellow wedges coralled in the freezer sections

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: TheMoaningOldBugger on 08-Feb-2013
I thought the lasagne tasted better, for gods sake, what is all the nonsense about, nothing wrong with a decent bit of horse meat!!!!

Refunds Report Abuse
Posted By: paul on 08-Feb-2013
If your going to take stuff back then do it quick as they wont accept returns furlong.

Frozen Food Report Abuse
Posted By: Pirate Jack on 08-Feb-2013
If Findus used horsemeat instead of beef, the mind boggles as to what they made the Béchamel sauce out of...

New Burgers Report Abuse
Posted By: Jerry on 08-Feb-2013
I am going to create new burgers and there will be ‘53 Varieties’

Equine Shenanigans Report Abuse
Posted By: Jerriase on 08-Feb-2013
Shergar pie or Lasagne hmmm not my cup of tea i like my moo and piggy meat, its not just the filler its the rubbish they put in these products there doesnt seem to be any trail back to origin of these products, dodgy meat in huge frozen blocks mechanically reclaimed hooves ears and tails all ground up i'm not a veggie and if soya and quorn products was cheaper i would consider a meatless diet as i do love my bacon and red dob sarnies at the wekend :o) it has put me off anything mass produced and prepared in a factory as apposed to a kitchen by a cook or chef!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: adder on 08-Feb-2013
the meat is poison .steroids foot and mouth antibiotics and more and you are eating it

Horses and cows Report Abuse
Posted By: Cattle man on 08-Feb-2013
A horse is just a really fit cow anyway

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: My Opinion on 08-Feb-2013
Can I asume that the low fat option contains racehorse meat?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Solly St Clement on 08-Feb-2013
OMG Findus Lasagnes 100% Horse meat, therefore Findus Fish Fingers 100% Seahorse eat both and you'll get the Trot's

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