Has evidence been lost?

Jersey's Home Affairs minister is being asked if items retrieved from police searches at the former children's home at Haut de la Garenne have been lost or destroyed.

At the height of the historic abuse inquiry, large areas of the former home were forensically excavated. A hoard of children's teeth were among the finds.

Now Deputy Trevor Pitman wants a detailed audit trail from the investigation, identifying what items were retrieved; where they were sent for analysis; who sent/authorized them to go; who examined them; and where each item is currently stored.

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Waste Report Abuse
Posted By: Rob on 07-Nov-2012
You only have to look at the support in the Chamber for Deputy Trevor Pitman to see where he is going with everything. No doubt he will be explaning all his failures to his voters in the next elections by blaming everybody else but himself as per usual.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: James1 on 06-Nov-2012
Its becoming increasingly obvious that deputy pitman sees his role to be acting as the states mouthpiece for the unemployed blogging community. What about doing something for the people who actually pay your wages deputy ?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Phil on 06-Nov-2012
Blogs lost credibity when they started personally attacking people.

@James Report Abuse
Posted By: Paul on 06-Nov-2012
I replied last night yet it does not appear on here. The basic Gyst was there is no "official" document like you say because it was determined it was too old to go any further with it although it was stated by th experts they did find collagen. I could counter with where is the official documentation that that particular item was coconut? You dont have to try to answer. If i remember that was just what someone said it resembled then a politician decided that was all he needed to continue to ridicule the investigation. Much better to ridicule the whole investigation to try to save our reputation. Hopefully the above will be posted as I have cut it short and not mentioned any other items of evidence that were discovered yet not reported on so as to save face!

Trogs Report Abuse
Posted By: Richard on 06-Nov-2012
SPL - Blogs (Web Logs) are generally singular opinions based on personal translations of either news stories or data but very few are ever balanced and seen by the National Press as wholly accurate. You only have to look at the amount of time some blogs have been online and their 'real' measurable influence they have had on real court events which amounts to nothing. If people want to read and believe all these Web Logs then leave them to it.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: dave /stclement on 05-Nov-2012
i wonder if scotland yard will request to seeall the paperwork. bob if you wonder why kids did not speak up at the time . look out for the child abuse advert on tv. " his abuser say's he will get you if you talk" ever seen it?

Blogs of no substance Report Abuse
Posted By: SPL on 05-Nov-2012
I just decided to take a look at one of these blogs and the first title I read was 'Culture of Concealment - Jersey Child Abuse Cover - up'. Serious title, but when you read the contents of this story it doesn't prove any culture of concealment at all and if you are going to base all your judgements on what Lenny Harper has to say about the Island then you also have to ask yourself why this man has never come back with his day books. Why he only ever comments on Jersey from land afar and why he thinks taking News of the World reporters out for lavish meals on tax payers money is an ok thing to do? I think I can see why these blogs are getting nowhere because they never actually deliver anything strong enough for serious thought and besides if they did the National Tabloids would have been onto them years ago.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: PL on 05-Nov-2012
Its a funny question because I would be surprised if they have any need to store bits of guttering, coconut and bedspring after this sham of a case was exposed on television. Mind you I do still chuckle when I recall they showed the bedspring of which Harper told us were restraints, now that was funny!

Still no collagen Report Abuse
Posted By: James on 05-Nov-2012
Paul, show me a link to an official report that says the 'find' contained collagen. Then we can continue this conversation though I doubt you will come back.

@James Report Abuse
Posted By: paul on 05-Nov-2012
Hi james, the evidence has been published all over the net blogs so dont make out they havent published it. Why do you feel the need to say different when you know they have published it?

Why raise this yet again Report Abuse
Posted By: Andy on 05-Nov-2012
Why is Deputy Pitman raising this again? It was clearly shown that Harper grossly exaggerated the couple of minor incidents that occurred there out of all proportion. He was severely criticised by the Court of Appeal over his handling of the press during the whole enquiry and in particular the Haute de la Garenne part. And before the conspiracy theorists start shouting about a cover up by the local 'establishment' I would point out that the court was presided over by a UK judge who was a QC. There were only seven people convicted of any crimes following this huge multi million pound enquiry - they should pay any compensation not the tax payer. Joe Public did not commit these crimes so why should the tax payers have money taken out of their pockets via their taxes to pay compensation - all that achieves is that it makes the tax payers additional victims!

Why? Report Abuse
Posted By: Lee, Grouville on 05-Nov-2012
We seem to be raking over the same ground time and time again and the States as well as the Public must be bored to tears with it all by now? There is no evidence of cover up but just hearsay and that initial find under the ground at Haut de la Garenne when publically shown as a piece of coconut was a joke. Mick Gradwell and David Warcup with their vast experience and zero connections to the Island (despite what some obsessed bloggers claim) brought the case back down to earth. Why Deputy Pitman thinks there is still public interest in all this initial nonsense just because of the recent national Jimmy Savile claims which have gone over kill already is just a mystery.

heads Report Abuse
Posted By: millsy on 05-Nov-2012
a lot of politicians are worried because heads will obviously roll if the truth got out. In took over 20 years for hillsborough thruth to come out, let's see how long it takes for this; if at all.

No collagen Report Abuse
Posted By: James on 05-Nov-2012
This is the find that the bloggers claimed to contain collagen but not one single police report out there ever said that it did and despite requests for information to be seen to back up their claims they just avoid the question.

Who Was Abused ? Report Abuse
Posted By: Bob on 05-Nov-2012
I would like to know, if it is such a fact that there is such a scandal, then who is claiming they were abused there, and what evidence can they provide to prove they were ? I find this whole thing quite bizarre. Kids living there did not shout abuse at the time, but now some 30/40 years later, there are reports of scandals. I know and went to school with many kids who lived there, and I never heard anyone say they had been abused or stuff was going on up there. Kids talk. And nothing has been been proved apart from speculation as I see it. Where is the proof?

Currently displaying the top 15 comments View all 24 comments

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