Outraged to be called "Nazi sympathisers"

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Gary Burgess reports.

A joke on the TV show Mock The Week calling the people of Jersey "Nazi sympathisers" has caused outrage.

The comedian Gary Delaney, making his debut on the programme, said: "I feel sorry for Jersey. They're trying to shake off their tax avoidance tag and get back to their traditional reputation as Nazi sympathisers."

It got laughs on the programme, but it is a comment the Channel Islands Occupation Society says is anything but funny.

Matthew Costard from the Society said: "It just goes too far. I mean you think of the people in the island who suffered hardship, who died during Occupation years. Those who commited acts of sacrifice and bravery at great risk to themselves. And also the Jersey people who are fighting in the Armed Forces. There are probably more Jerseymen fighting in the British Army per head of population than any other part of the British Isles."

The joke also caused upset on Twitter as soon as the programme aired. GuernseyLiz14 said: "My aunt who went to prison for keeping a chicken to feed her terminally ill mother must be spinning in her grave."

Today, the BBC issued a short statement:

"Mock the Week is a comedy programme known for its irreverent humour, and this comment was clearly tongue-in-cheek."

Tongue in cheek, perhaps, but a joke too far for a number of people in the Channel Islands.

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[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: se la vie on 06-Jul-2012
okay it was a joke, okay yes he may have taken it too far but at the end of the day, some people found it funny, others didnt... life goes on... get over it!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: grumpyoldwoman (St. Ouen) on 05-Jul-2012
Did anyone see The One Show last night? They showed the 2 guys who found the hoard of coins with their metal detectors, and the voice over said something about Jersey being well known as a place to hide your money - but that it's being going on much longer than you think........!!! It seems to be open season on our fair isle - am I bothered though? Nah! they're just jealous! Bizarrely, the feature after that was about a Nazi sympathiser from England!! Definitely the silly season for TV!

Crazy!!!! Report Abuse
Posted By: Pete the troll St Helier on 04-Jul-2012
Now I'm not going to go into the whole right or wrong thing, but the last comment made about 'teaching the bbc a lesson' by not paying the licence fee is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. A joke is a joke, it's not meant to hurt it's meant to make people laugh. Unfortunately sometime people will get hurt by a joke but just shake it off and get on with things. I'm really grateful that I didn't go through the hardship but stop making yourself look stupid by making remarks that quite clearly mean nothing!

'Mock the Week' Report Abuse
Posted By: 'West', Trinity on 04-Jul-2012
That jack ass, he should be fired. That remark was an insult to not only the channel Islanders that were occupied but all the people that lived through the war; the people who fought, those that were imprisoned and the memory of those that died. As for the BBC, they're just as bad allowing the comment to go uncut, for allowing this slander to go on.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: John of St Helier on 04-Jul-2012
Why are you watching the show if you don't like irreverant humour? The pannellists are known for taking the mickey out of everyone including each other. No good whinging when you become the butt of the joke. Get a life people.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: richard st.peter on 03-Jul-2012
get a grip people it was a joke and a bad one at that. a small laugh from the audience and they moved on. I know times were difficult back then but you need to let it go it was generations ago.

Mock the week Report Abuse
Posted By: J Dockree UK on 03-Jul-2012
Iam disgusted to be British when our comedians can make comments like that, I love Jersey and its people and he sould be made to make a public apology to the Jersey people

sense of humour failure Report Abuse
Posted By: grumpyoldwoman (St. Ouen) on 03-Jul-2012
Mock the Week takes the mickey out of anyone and everyone, including the Royal Family, it's a satire show, that's what they do - get over it! Quite agree, goatee, the English didn't exactly storm in to rescue us - maybe if we'd had some oil instead of spuds........

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: goatee bean on 03-Jul-2012
It won't & doesn't bother me, but not really accurate is it ?.. truth is more like the people of Jersey left by the English to rot & be occupied by the Germans ... No wonder true Jersey folk dislike the English

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: mr a vallois on 03-Jul-2012
yes i arrgree with you guys this kind of thing is disgusting as many of my family and friends served in the army,and was in normandy landings etc,this guy on tv needs to get it right....

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Tony on 03-Jul-2012
Oh come on! It's half as funny as the Guardian lately!!!!!

Chalk n Cheeses Report Abuse
Posted By: General Watchdog on 03-Jul-2012
One mans comedy is another mans bad taste............ the truth is some suffered under the jack boot (my family) and some profited some also did sympathise and yep some even grassed folk up...... history tells all of this.................now the shows title is Mock the week.....and not an intelectual historical pack of lies made up for a laugh.............. all those girding their loins should look at the folk who deny that the haulocost ever took place.. now thats obscene

Get a life Report Abuse
Posted By: Malcolm Powder on 03-Jul-2012
It was a joke. If you dont like it turn over. It would be interesting to know how many complainers here actually watched the programme. And I would like to see figures to back up Mr Custards claim of more service personnel per head of population. What a load of tosh. I guarantee you that those Jersey boys and girls laughed at this story. Thats what we do in the Forces, we laugh at irreverent or dark humour because theres plenty of real c**p to get worked up about. This is a non story.

Nazi sympathisers Report Abuse
Posted By: Alex, St Peter on 03-Jul-2012
Nothing irritates me more than people watching tv, laughing at the content and then become "outraged" when they become the butt of the joke! If these shows risk offending you, simply do not watch them! My grandmother went through hardship during the occupation like many others but I doubt she would take offence from a clearly tongue in cheek comment. Would it have been better if he had mentioned many other of our recent, disgusting headlines instead?

SHOCKING!!! Report Abuse
Posted By: mark of st helier on 03-Jul-2012
I know its supposed to be a joke but there are some things you just dont joke about, shame on them

Currently displaying the top 15 comments View all 29 comments

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