Jersey rugby star banned from driving

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Michael Le Bourgeois

Jersey Rugby Club's first home-grown professional player has been fined a total of 1,600 and disqualified from driving for 23 months.

Michael Le Bourgeois was charged with drink driving, having an expired license, no insurance and having taken and driven away a vehicle without consent.

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le bourgeois Report Abuse
Posted By: ross, st.helier on 12-Sep-2011
"nobody was hurt and no damage done" A great philosophy on life hunkynige. Let's all just live our lives how we want and trust to fate and hopefully everything will be okay. You buffoon. The issue is not about making stupid decisions, albeit we are talking about a catalogue of serious offences that are not committed by ommission, but requires some level of premeditation and forethought. The issue is that this individual accepted more than a salary when he signed his contract. The "stupid mistakes" he has made clearly indicate, not only that he does not understand, but also patently lacks the requisite qualities expected of him.

Mike Report Abuse
Posted By: John on 12-Sep-2011
I hereby formally nominate Michael Le Bourgeois for worst sporting role-model of the year.... those in favour?

michael bourgeois Report Abuse
Posted By: hunkynige on 11-Sep-2011
It was very stupid but nobody was hurt and no damage done. Let hope he's learnt his lesson , most people make at least stupid decision in their life, and move on. Good Luck Michael

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: katStPP on 10-Sep-2011
From his facebook page it seems he really has turned over a new leaf - not! Disgraceful behaviour for somebody who is supposed to be a role model - I suspect his status has gone to his head

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: St John on 10-Sep-2011
Everyone makes mistakes, I don't condone this at all but hopefully Michael will learn by this and move on with the rugby club show off his amazing gift and put something back to make them proud to have him once again.

Shame Report Abuse
Posted By: Captain Courageous on 09-Sep-2011
Shame that this role model has committed not just one but four offences in one drunken night

Currently displaying the top 6 comments View all 6 comments

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