Student sets sights on Arctic challenge

A trek through the Arctic for most adults would be a tough challenge but imagine having a go when you are 16.

That is exactly what Jersey student Patrick Flinders is doing.

Patrick is off to the Arctic Circle after being inspired by a talk from the British Schools Exploring Society.

But he has got to raise more than 2000 before next June.

Patrick's father Terry Flinders said: "I thought fantastic all we've got to do now is try and get the money and if he's that keen, I'm that keen. In fact I'm probably more excited than Patrick."

Terry's enthusiasm has helped get the fund raising ball rolling.

Letters to the Co-op, friends and family have managed to raise 300. But that is still some way short of the 2000 needed to take part in the trek.

Patrick says it is all about the challenge, and he is taking the prospect of minus 30 degree temperatures in his stride.

The 16 year old has got an awful lot more than physical training to think about over the next eight months. Car boot sales and sponsorship letters are at the top of his priority list.

Patrick hopes to make it to the arctic in June.

If you want to help Patrick and Terry reach their 2000 target, contact them on 07700340441 or at

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patrick Report Abuse
Posted By: terry on 26-Mar-2011
I find it quite sad about the comment from june on 11-10 2010. the lad at the moment is 15,he trains for rugby twice a week and plays a match every week.he does football training twice a week and plays once a week.the harder training is dragging three tyes up the sandhills here in jersey to strenghen his thighs and stamina.he might not come across very good on tv but do not put him down before meeting the way he has raised the 4,000 neaded

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: june on 11-Nov-2010
To be honest, this lad has done no training so how is he going to manage this, not exactly enthusiastic about it all for people to sponsor him

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