Hoodie ban to remain despite apology

HOODIE-wearing grannies will continue to be barred from Cambridge’s Grand Arcade – but one pensioner was rewarded for breaking the rule.

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - Peggy Harden and her husband DesmondShopping centre bosses launched a review of their "no-hoodie" policy after great-grandmother Peggy Harden was ordered to remove her hood by a security guard.

Peggy, 84, of Common Lane, Sawston, has now been sent flowers and chocolates by arcade bosses who apologised to the pensioner.

But they have insisted the policy will remain in place – despite the story making national headlines and sparking outrage.

The attempt by Grand Arcade bosses to woo Peggy does not seem to have been that successful.

She said: "I was out at the time but they
delivered the flowers and chocolates and left them in the garage.

"I won’t be going back to the Grand Arcade after what happened. It was nice being a celebrity for a while. People would come up to me and say "you were on the telly".

"I have done my Christmas shopping – but not without difficulty."

Arthritic Peggy and her husband Desmond were approached by a security guard in the central walkway of the precinct while Christmas shopping.

The couple were shocked when Peggy was told to remove her hood, which was attached to her coat. She was branded a security risk, as the News exclusively reported.

A spokeswoman for the shopping centre has urged security staff to take a "common sense" approach to the policy, but insisted on keeping the strict rule.

She said: "Grand Arcade’s ‘no-hood’ policy is in line with the majority of shopping centres and exists for security reasons. It allows common sense to prevail and we aim to ensure it is implemented sensitively and appropriately by our security team."

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Well, lets be honest. Report Abuse
Posted By: Keith Fez on 30-Dec-2009
She looks more threatening that most of the kids you get in town most days. Did she deliberately put on that scowl, or has the photographer just discovered directional flash?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: moi! on 30-Dec-2009
what is wrong with some of you - The Arcade have a no hood policy, not a no coat policy or no cloak policy!!! If the hood is attached to your coat John, then I'm sure you have been shown that you can take the hood down whilst still wearing the coat - It's an amazing invention you know!! It' s time people people just took the rules for what they are, rather than trying to find a problem with them or think they are some sort of racial discrimination. Grow up.

Grand Arcade? Report Abuse
Posted By: Mr Reasonable on 30-Dec-2009
The Grand Arcade's spokeswoman has said that their security staff should take a common sense approach. This is impossible when single cell life forms are employed.

Hoodie agism Report Abuse
Posted By: Carmen Mite-Hitz on 29-Dec-2009
I think this is a blatant display of agism, where its one rule for us and another for them. What separates this lady from the vast majority of teenagers and young people who want to shop with out being embarrassed by the staff who work here? I doubt if any of them were to complain that the management of GA would send them chocolates and flowers. It's very poor form to uphold your own policy while apologising for it.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: bill newman on 29-Dec-2009
cambridg flashmob this saturday in grand arcade all welcome let the protest begin

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: laura on 29-Dec-2009
ok so some people do feel threatened by hoodies from bad personal experiences and the reputation some people have given them but seriously, have some respect, do these security guards have no common sense!!!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: not that exasperated in Cambridge on 29-Dec-2009
what a ridiculous arguement Darren, you geek.

So what is the dress code? Report Abuse
Posted By: John Connett on 29-Dec-2009
Several of my outdoor jackets have permanently attached hoods. Will I be excluded by wearing them? Or will I be allowed in if the hood is down? I usually wear a hat in cold weather. Will I have to remove it? Will there be a ban on rucksacs too? Perhaps only car users are welcome? Fortunately, John Lewis, the only really useful shop in the Arcade, has external entrances!

Jedi Report Abuse
Posted By: Darren on 29-Dec-2009
So if my religion is Jedi (which became a recognised religion during the Census), I can therefore wear the hood of my robe without prejudice or being asked to remove it in the Grand Arcade??

Yawn.... Report Abuse
Posted By: Leanne on 29-Dec-2009
Talk about milking it....!! What is the big deal about taking down you hood when you enter the Arcade? Policies like this prevent crimes and I am sure they would include the mugging of vulnerable pensioners! I've always respected my elders but this lady needs to get a grip and be pleased she got a nice box of chocs and some flowers out of it! If you refuse to go back to the Grand Arcade then she is just cutting off her nose to spite her face and it is silly!

What a joke Report Abuse
Posted By: Lee on 29-Dec-2009
Why send flowers and chocolates to this woman? Just because she kicked up a fuss.. I'm gonna put my hood on and go up there and see if I can get asked to remove it and kick up a fuss. See if I can get a reward ! I doubt it ! Its ageist...

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: graham on 29-Dec-2009
The ban doesn't cover religious head wear - so Muslim women, Sikh's and so on are ok - the ban is about a dress code and covers hoodies, coat hoods, baseball caps, motor bike helmets and the like and applies to all young and old and is about crime prevention as evidence shows that a lot of crime is carried out by people covering their headst o disguise their faces - and whilst yes 84 yr old pensioners are unlikely to carry out crime, one rule has to apply to all.

Muslim women too? Report Abuse
Posted By: John on 29-Dec-2009
So, does this ruling apply to Muslim women who cover their heads?

........ Report Abuse
Posted By: - on 29-Dec-2009
when did it spark outrage?! i think if i remember rightly - the comments were in support of the 'hoodie' ban.

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