Thunder and lightening over the islands

Last night some of the Channel Islands saw lightening and had thunder, so we asked Weather Presenter Sophia what's going on.

She said: "We are watching some thunder shower making there way up the Brittany coast from La Rochelle, but last night some of those showers reached Guernsey, infact 15 mm was recorded, although Jersey only had a few spots - certainly not enough to water the garden!

"The lightening was visible across the islands, but the best of the entertainment was for Guernsey, where it started at about 1am and did not clear until around 5am.

"Today the risk of more thundery showers continues, with the greater of the risk this afternoon, followed by more isolated showers overnight.

"It will be a case of hit or miss as those showers work there way up, but do be prepared for some activity this afternoon."

Sophia also gave us a quick update on the forecast for the weekend:
She said: "Believe it or not the irritating north easterly wind could well increase in speed tomorrow.
"We are touching a force six at times today, but I think it could settle at that strength for longer periods tomorrow, and as as result it wont feel quite as pleasant in the sunshine we do have."

Sophia will be back in the news at 6pm with a weather update on the next five days, and she also provides updates on twitter: @sophiaweather

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Posted By: Wilma Partridge (St Clement) on 07-Jun-2013
I was awakened by the lightening last night at around 01:15 and it lasted about 20-30 minutes. It was strange because the sky was really clear (you could see the stars) but every now and then the whole sky lit up. I didn't hear any thunder and I don't think it rained.

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