150 species make up Durrell's menagerie

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Exactly how many animals are there at Durrell?

The answer is more than 1,600 - and we know that because keepers at the Jersey wildlife park have just completed their annual audit.

Like all zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums, they are legally required to undertake a comprehensive animal audit.

Durrell's total head count for 2011 reached over 1,600 individuals of more than 150 species.

Perhaps the most memorable departure during 2011 was that of Silver-back gorilla Ya Kwanza who had been a popular resident at the Trinity site since 1993.

Significant arrivals included 22 orange-tailed skinks rescued following the invasion of Flat Island, Mauritius by the predatory Indian musk shrew, and Ya Kwanza's replacement Badongo who arrived from France in July.

Durrell's Animal Registrar Dr Amy Hall said: "The annual head count is not only a requirement of our BIAZA and EAZA membership, but it is also a useful animal management tool.

"It is relatively simple to count our larger animals but the smaller ones can prove more challenging as they are prone to hiding or moving, fish in particular are tricky to tally up as they move continually."

The data collated by the audit is submitted to the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the national professional body for zoo management and animal welfare.

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