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Helena Carter reports.

Guernsey's state owned airline has topped a poll of the world's best carriers.

Aurigny has beaten 21 others to claim the title ‘The best short haul airline in the world’.

Of the 12,000 passengers surveyed, 87% said Aurigny was great for boarding, legroom and seat comfort.

The small fleet of just nine propeller planes beat many larger carriers such as Flybe, British Airways and easyjet.

The State owned airline however has been hitting the headlines over the past few months here in the Channel Islands.

Back in November, both Aurigny and Blue Islands proposed a plan to sky share.

Both companies want to offer a combined service using a Blue Islands plane between Guernsey and Jersey. Those plans are yet to come before politicians in the States.

There's also been controversy over the lack of competition for the airline.

A director at London City Airport warned that the lack of competition on routes may have a damaging effect.

Bernard Lavelle's comments came after easyJet pulled out of an application to run a Gatwick service alongside Aurigny.

Earlier this year the state owned airline also revealed bad news for finances within the company. They announced expected losses of £800,000 on the Gatwick route.

From next March, when Flybe pull out of the Guernsey-Gatwick link, Aurigny will be the sole airline connecting the two airports.

Ryanair was bottom of the short-haul rankings last year and the pattern has continued this year. The Irish carrier also scrapes a one-star rating for luggage allowances, boarding process, legroom and the quality of food and drink.

Swiss International Airlines, which topped the short haul table last year, remains popular with a customer score of 82%.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said, “Our survey reveals the massive variation in the standard of airlines. Once you've chosen your destination, it pays to pick the airline that will get you there without any dramas.”

Aurigny Commercial Director, Malcolm Coupar said, “We try very hard to make the passenger experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible so getting such a commendation from our customers is the best praise there is. To sit above some of the most famous names in the airline industry is an achievement for which we are very proud.

“2013 has been a year of planning following flybe's withdrawal from the Gatwick route. 2014 will be a year of action as we introduce our new Embraer jet service and we look at replacing the Trislander. We hope that the new initiatives we introduce will further enhance the experience of our passengers.”

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Aurigny Hijack Report Abuse
Posted By: Fast Jat Alderney on 16-Dec-2013
Fantastic to see that the excellent Aurigny staff have been rightly recognised for their huge capacity for poorly rewarded hard work and service. However Mr Mark Darby, CEO of Aurigny was quoted tonight on Channel News that Aurigny is 'Based in Guernsey, serving Guernsey'. No Truer words were ever muttered by an Aurigny management figure. He seems to forget that the airline began life in Alderney in the interest of the People of Alderney to improve links to and from Alderney. The very name Aurigny translates to Alderney in Norman French. To say the Aurigny has been hijacked away from Alderney is not an understatement. And just to advise the management of its volte-face from our little Island, the current return fare to Gatwick in two days time from Guernsey is published at £118. The Alderney to Southampton return fare is £244, more than double with a single crew aircraft that is loan free as opposed to a multi-crew aircraft still owing millions of pounds to the Bailiwick People. Perhaps the Aurigny management should reconsider where it came from and the original concept of the Company, or even better, give it back to the Alderney People. We can put it back into profit as it was in the middle1990's before the now Guernsey based company began hugely loss-making flights into Amsterdam and England. I wonder how big the loss will be next year when three Dornier 228's with 19 seats costing perhaps $10 million replace six paid-for Trislanders with 18 seats.

Aurigny Report Abuse
Posted By: Guernsey Donkey St Sampsons on 15-Dec-2013
Well done Aurigny simply the best.

Currently displaying the top 2 comments View all 2 comments

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