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Helena Carter reports...

Easyjet has announced it could start operating between Guernsey and Gatwick from March next year.

The low-cost airline has applied for a licence to fly to London and could take over Flybe's slot once they pull out.

The States will decided whether or not to issue the licence and while it may mean good news for businesses and tourists, it could prove a threat to other airlines.

Guernsey Airport say they will not make a comment on the route licence application by EasyJet.

They added: "The Airport has been in commercial discussions with the airline for some time and those discussions are continuing."

A spokesperson for the Commerce and Employment Department said: "A Panel of three members of the Board has been appointed to consider it and the Panel has agreed the procedure that it will adopt in relation to the application.
"The Panel is corresponding with EasyJet regarding certain details of the application and will not publish notices until this process is concluded."

The Department can make no further comment on the application.

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EasyJet Report Abuse
Posted By: Toni Diamond St Martin on 04-Oct-2013
Same @Jen - of course it's Gatwick, the airline can not just decide where they want to fly from / to. If you buy a LGW slot you fly in and out of that airport, where you fly to from LGW is of course up to you

EasyJet Report Abuse
Posted By: Toni Diamond St Martin on 04-Oct-2013
@dcp it's clearly Gatwick as the arrival and departure slots were sold to EasyJet for London Gatwick and not Guernsey

Competition Report Abuse
Posted By: John Gollop St. Peter Port NORTH on 04-Oct-2013
I support Giving EasyJET access even if Aurigny catches a cold.

easyjet Report Abuse
Posted By: ALLAN ST PETER PORT on 02-Oct-2013
cheaper prices you say I booked at ticket to Manchester with auringy last week paid just under 90 same ticket years ago more expensive its all down to them offering us good deals at the time Easyjet have very good connections but the only I think they could make it pay if they used Guernsey as shuttle via jersey thus having same aircraft on the route Be warned they will drop us like all the other before them so please back your local states run airline

Easyjet Report Abuse
Posted By: Adrian Norman on 02-Oct-2013
Well if the States don't let them, then they just proved that they're corrupt. This is a fantastic opportunity for Guernsey and we are in the 21st century, yet we are served by less airlines than smaller crown dependencies. Any decision the States come to should be a matter of public record which they should be accountable for. We all want Aurigny to succeed, but it is a business and putting if they fail to let Easyjet in they are putting it before locals and their businesses. If the are buying a jet, they should think about other direct destinations, increase access to Guernsey etc., loo at what Jersey have, I could go no. This is a fantastic opportunity. I noticed how many people came over this year, with the good weather, think what would happen if we had a big name like that coming here, there are enough monopolies here and they don't benefit the public

easyJet Report Abuse
Posted By: Jem on 01-Oct-2013
Have easyJet now confirmed they are interested in the Gatwick route? I understood that they were not confirming which UK route they wished to operate at the moment (altho I would imagine it to be LGW) do CTV have inside info?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Rob, Forest on 01-Oct-2013
I'd rather them fly to Luton or Liverpool rather than an existing route. If they do fly to Gatwick, I don't see myselft flying with them. I've always preferred to fly with Aurigny especially if its from/to London.

Not sure Report Abuse
Posted By: Simon on 01-Oct-2013
Surprised to see that Guernsey is viable for Easyjet, though no doubt this will be of great concern to state owned airline, lashing out on an expensive jet aircraft.

Easyjet Report Abuse
Posted By: Martyn on 01-Oct-2013
Fantastic news, maybe local people will be able to get off this rock at a reasonable cost, about time too and it doesn't have to be Gatwick,

easyjet Report Abuse
Posted By: dcp on 01-Oct-2013
Where do you get Guernsey-Gatwick from - I understand it is a request for Guernsey to UK and the actual airport hasn't been mentioned yet!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Mo, St Peter Port on 01-Oct-2013
Fantastic if Easyjet comes into Guernsey, can't let Aurigny have it all, bring it on.

Currently displaying the top 11 comments View all 11 comments

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