World dairy farmers meet in Guernsey

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Rob Moore reports.

Dairy farmers from around the world have arrived in Guernsey for talks being called 'vital' for the future of the breed.

The week-long get-together will discuss priorities like the profitability of Guernsey herds and the genetic future of the breed.

It is the first time the conference has been held in Guernsey, the breed's home, for 21 years.

Guernsey News from ITV Channel Television - Guernsey cow conference

The conference sees 70 breed experts from around the world unite, from as far as North America, South Africa and Australia.

Visiting speakers for the three-day conference at the St Pierre Park Hotel will include a genetics expert, Dr Marco Winters, who will speak on the genetic strengths and weaknesses of the breed, and an expert from the Republic of Ireland's Agriculture and Food Development Authority, George Ramsbottom, who will deal with the economic challenges facing dairy farmers.

Delegates will also visit Saumarez Park for the RGA&HS Annual Cattle Show on Wednesday 3 July before the conference begins on Thursday.

RGA&HS president Ray Watts, president of the World Guernsey Cattle Federation, said: "There is a lot for us to talk about and next months debates will be vital to the future well-being of the Guernsey breed, which has seen a decline in numbers over the last two decades even though milk production has stayed high. It will be a crucial conference for making decisions and moving forward."

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Posted By: Rob on 01-Jul-2013
would be nice to have a pic of a guernsey???????

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