Maria is the new Miss Alderney

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Maria Etheredge is the new Miss Alderney

A Guernsey Grammar School student has been picked as this year's Miss Alderney.

Maria Etheredge (16) will lead the parade at
Alderney Week's Cavalcade Day and she also has a string of ambassadorial appointments in the
year ahead.

Maria, a part-time waitress, is a student of biology, psychology, drama and maths and says she ultimately aims to do something with maths.

Her hobby is dancing, and she has been involved with Alderney's Keep Fit Association dance troupe since she was eight. She was handed the title by last year's winner, Charlie Barker, at a dance night in the Island Hall.

Maria says she wants to be as inspirational as previous holders of the titles have been.

"Miss Alderney has always been someone I've looked up to, as someone who is giving something back to the island," she said.

"I want to do my bit to show people what a special place Alderney is. The thing I'm looking forward to most is being on a float on Cavalcade Day. Also, because I like to party, I'm looking forward to the quarry parties that begin and end
Alderney Week."

The festival is in its 65th year and the theme is Two of a Kind.

Alderney Week organisers, Ilona Soane-Sands and Ronnie Cairnduff, defended the Miss Alderney
pageant against claims it was anachronistic. Miss Guernsey was cancelled last year because of a lack of interest.

"Miss Alderney is all about fun, and it's a shame that Guernsey has let their competition go," said Mrs Soane-Sands.

Mr Cairnduff added: "Miss Alderney is not about beauty and swimsuit parades; it is about
personality, and Maria is a great example of what Miss Alderney is really about."

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