Alderney's missing link in the Bayeux Tapestry

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It's arguably the most famous tapestry in the world.

But something you might not know about the 230 foot Bayeux Tapestry is that there's always been a bit missing.

The work of art tells the story of William's conquest of Britain in 1066.

Now, a millennium later, a group in Alderney is planning to complete the story by stitching a ten foot frieze showing the aftermath of the battle of Hastings and William's coronation.

Kate Russell from Alderney Library said: "What we've done now is to create something which might have existed. And I thought we could do this as a community project. It would perhaps introduce people to our library when they come in to put in a stitch, but far more importantly introduce them to the history of how the Channel Islands became British."

And it's that story which is being immortalised in fabric right now. Slowly but surely a ten foot addition to be Bayeux Tapestry is being made.

All islanders are being invited to do their bit. The finished work will be displayed in the Alderney Museum.

Kate added: "If I were doing it all myself I would think it could take up to two years, but I am not doing it all myself. There are several people helping and I am already overwhelmed by the progress we have made. So with any luck we'll finish it this year which as someone pointed out to me is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year and it would be nice to have it finished in that year."

The events of 1066 being recreated in 2012. A small piece of Alderney history being added to a huge piece of world history... one stitch at a time.

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Tapestry Report Abuse
Posted By: James on 20-Feb-2012
The Alderney Library is taking on a monumental task and apparently making it work. They're to be commended on their hard work and painstaking research on the Tapestry. If they say that's what the missing ten feet must've portrayed, it's good enough for me, as it should be for everyone else. Even the French. Kudos to the Library!

Alderney and Bayeux tapestry Report Abuse
Posted By: Helen Ackrill. Alderney on 17-Feb-2012
A wonderful community project and it has captured many people's imagination.

Currently displaying the top 2 comments View all 2 comments

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