Google cars slashed

2 google street cars have been vandalised overnight while parked at the St Pierre Park Hotel.

They've been touring Guernsey over the last few days collecting images for Google Street View.

The vehicles' tyres were slashed and cables were also damaged.

A google spokesperson's said they are taking this incident extremely seriously and are working with the local police to investigate the matter.'

Google have asked Channel Television not to film their vehicles following the incident.

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Google cars Report Abuse
Posted By: Garry Russell on 25-Oct-2012
Why are folks so against Google Earth If they get caught in a photo published in a newspaper or magazine they get hold of as many copies as they can and send them to family and friends. If they get caught in a Google earth image they are calling foul. It's almost as if some folks like to make trouble and Google earth is "In season" allowing them to justify criminal and other anti social acts.

NOT FARE Report Abuse
Posted By: jarcmaster on 28-Sep-2010
What google is trying to do is to protect the tecnology involved in the cars, so no other company could come up with the idea, well, it would be pointless to come up with that 'cause like many other tools google is a growing Monster is a monopoly that is now bigger than the Microsoft's and will grow more and more, of course there it no reason whatsoever to damage private property. Grow google groowwwww, and let's pray for those today's free service wont become paid in the future.!!!!!1

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Clare on 25-Sep-2010
I think it's disgusting what happened. Privacy is one thing but damaging cars is quite another. The drivers of the cars have done nothing wrong but try to earn a living and have not been able to do so because of some mindless idiots. I feel that Guernsey is no better than mainland UK if this sort of thing can happen.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Karen Roberts St. Sampsons on 24-Sep-2010
This is very sad, mindless acts of vandalism in Guernsey, what the heck is this place coming too, I am sorry, but crime like this should be dealt with the birch, The morons would think twice about doing this again, comminity service just not work, a stronger deterrent is needed for yobs like this to be punished fully,

Googles right to privacy! Report Abuse
Posted By: Bob on 24-Sep-2010
To hell with Googles privacy as far as these cars are concerned. Since they dont give a hoot about any one elses privacy, why should channel TV not film them if it sees fit and it can do so within teh law. The reason they dont wnat them filmed is because this highlights their invasive policies. Come on CTV show your back bone, stand up to these pirates.

Currently displaying the top 5 comments View all 5 comments

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