Crews rescue stranded goat

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A stranded goat had to be rescued after wandering down a cliff in Alderney.

'Jennifer', a Guernsey/Saanen cross had become detached from the herd.

Walkers spotted her halfway down the cliff which overlooks Clonque Bay, and raised the alarm.

Firefighters Mark Gaudion and James Vizard of Alderney Fire Brigade, came to Jenniferís rescue by abseiling her to safety.

Guernsey News from ITV Channel Television - Y:\jenniferthegoattwo.gif

Jennifer belongs to Customs Officer Jill Moore. Jill also owns four other goats. She arrived at the scene within 30 minutes, to see Jennifer being rescued.

Jill said: "I don't know how she got there. Goats do like climbing but she was obviously too frightened to move. I was shocked and worried when I saw her. If she had tried to move she might have injured herself or worse. Thankfully Mark and James did a fantastic job and got her down safely. They were very professional and efficient."

Rudolph Canepa-Anson from Surrey, took these pictures of the rescue. "It wasn't what I had expected to see on the walk," he said.

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