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More than a million Americans have read about Guernsey thanks to the success of a best-selling novel.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society tells the story of a group of residents on the island in the months after the Liberation.

Six American and six British readers of the book won a competition to spend a long weekend in Guernsey.

They took tours of the island to learn more about its history as well as meeting local Potato Peel fans.

Tourism officials say it's hard to quantify how much the exposure the novel brings is worth, but it's undoubtedly a lot.

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Appreciation Report Abuse
Posted By: Lynn Izen on 14-Nov-2011
I just spent the whole day reading this magical book. I couldn't put it down. I felt I knew each character and I learned so much, not just historically but about the strength of the human spirit. Many friends recommended this book and I'm so glad i read it. It's a keeper to read again and again. Thank you Mary Ann and Annie. Lynn

Video Clip Report Abuse
Posted By: Cynthia J Wilson on 15-Mar-2010
A great Video clip and the book an excellent read. I am interested in B&B places on the Island and would appreciate any literature you may have to send: 264 Glenwood Crescent Bolton, Ontario Canada L7E 1Z4 Bolton Book club read the book last month (Feb. 2010) and had great reviews by all attending the meeting.

Potato Peel Pie Society Report Abuse
Posted By: Charlotte Philpott on 15-Mar-2010
Most interesting book. Very quaint and enjoyable. Sometimes, it is very remarkable to just ponder on the ideas of others and the way to entertain during various challenging times. Highly recommend. Would love to visit the island at some point and time. Thanks for sharing! Charlott

guernsey literary and potato peel pie society Report Abuse
Posted By: Anna Cholewa on 04-Mar-2010
I find it hard to describe the delight this book provided. I finished reading it minutes ago and am bursting with the need to share how much joy it gave me. I last felt this way about a book when I was 18 years old and ironically that book was Pride and Prejudice. I am sure I am not alone in regreting that Mary Ann is no longer with us. However, Annie, I live with great expectations of seeing your next novel. Gratefully, Anna

guernsey literary and potato peel pie society Report Abuse
Posted By: glen hayton on 05-Feb-2010
I have just started listening to this book and am enjoying it immensely. My husband and I visited Guernsey in 2008 staying in the same street as Victor Hugo's house and its bringing it all back. Its taken me a while to get this book in audio from Vision Australia as I am vision impaired. We had a magictime on Guernsey visiting the mosaic church and travelling the island by bus.

Guernsey Island Report Abuse
Posted By: Linda Bobb- Florida on 04-Feb-2010
I just finished reading the book and absolutely adored it. How sad the delightful art of letters is a dying breed. The joy of the written word has taken me on fabulous joureys. I am visiting my daughter in Europe this year and I want to visit the island. I realize the people in the book are fictional but the Occupation was not so I chose to believe the wonderful characters exist. Bravo to the Human Spirit

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Report Abuse
Posted By: Thorn, Marie-Paule on 18-Jan-2010
For many years, we have longed to visit the Channel Islands. My husband and I live in Canada and plan a visit in April. After reading the book, which we found totally by chance in our favourite bookshop here, we feel even happier with our decision and look forward to exploring Guernsey.

potato peel pie society Report Abuse
Posted By: barbara harris on 06-Oct-2009
This book has captured the imagination of many, and for the moment will stimulate interest in Guernsey.Great guide too.

Currently displaying the top 8 comments View all 8 comments

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