Oh baby! Alderney mum gives birth mid-air

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Rob Moore caught up with new mum Amy White at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital's maternity ward

They say giving birth is one of the hardest things a woman will ever do - but imagine what it is like having your baby while flying in a Trislander from Alderney to Guernsey...

That is exactly what happened to Amy White on Friday, who is now mum to a new baby boy.

Xavier White is three days old, weighs three pounds eight ounces and his place of birth is midway over the Channel.

His mum Amy White went into labour Friday afternoon in Alderney where the family live.

It was a whole month before the baby was due and the two midwives with her arranged for a Trislander to fly her to Guernsey in a medivac.

But clearly Xavier just could not wait.

Amy said: "Halfway across, about six minutes into the flight I think, I just yelped, 'the baby's coming', and that was it. Mary at one end, Deborah at the other and he was there, he was born."

Adding to the complications of this birth was the size of the aircraft- Trislanders are not known for their leg-room.

But for Aurigny pilots medivacs are all part of the job.

For this one, three rows of passenger seats were taken out to make way for a stretcher. And pilot Trevor Nicholls just focused on making sure both mum and baby got across safe and sound.

Pilot Trevor Nicholls said: "You tend to concentrate quite hard when your flying instrument approaches. There was some bad weather earlier that day. It was clearing up but it was still instrument flying so I was fairly focused on the flying rather than the activities in the back.

"I did have the occasional tap on the shoulder from the nurses just asking me to pass some messages on, which I could do, and thats about the only way I could help them really, so I was focussed on the flying more than anything."

Amy and Xavier are keen to get back on the Trislander, and fly home to Alderney where the rest of the family is waiting for the new arrival.

He is quickly becoming a bit of a jet-setter.

Amy said: "He certainly is, and I'm hoping he'll become a pilot!"

If Xavier does decide that is the job for him, it will be a career he was quite literally born into.

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Posted By: Ed on 21-Mar-2011
Where will someone like that have their registered place of birth as?? Co-ordinates - or maybe: X miles southwest of Alderney :D

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