Amanda tight-lipped over 'that' dress

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Amanda Wakeley talks to Alice Humphry

The woman hotly tipped as the dress designer for Kate Middleton's bridal gown has been on a visit to Guernsey.

But Amanda Wakeley was tight-lipped about whether or not she's working on what will be one of the world's most talked about wedding dresses.

In an interview with Alice Humphry the designer said she would never discuss any of her customers.

Amanda Wakeley is already a fashion icon, having dressed Princess Diana. "I was introduced to the late Princess of Wales very early on and she started wearing my clothes. At the time the Princess of Wales was probably the most photographed woman in the world. Now it's very much the stars of Hollywood that are the big, big fashion attractions, but back then it was a huge endorsement."

Alice also asked Amanda about her views on skinny models.

"I think it all gets blown very out of perspective by the Press and I really do wish the focus would be on the clothes rather than the skinniness of the girls. You know, in the fashion industry we don't want to use unhealthy women on the catwalk. I wouldn't dream of using someone unhealthy or that's clearly got an issue with food."

Alice: "Have you turned models away in the past?"

Amanda: "Oh, absolutely, absolutely. You know I dress real women. In terms of the girls that I use on the catwalk during London Fashion Week, yes, they are tall and slim. That's the easiest way to show your clothes to the best for a very beautiful, fashion image."

Alice: "Obviously the dress that everyone is thinking about at the moment is the one that Kate Middleton is going to wear for her wedding. What do you think it would be like for a designer to get the opportunity to design that dress?"

Amanda: "Oh, it's a huge opportunity and a huge privilege to whomever has got it. You know, to get that sort of global recognition is fantastic. It's a huge burden too, because a all of the secrecy behind it, but b that dress is going to be critiqued the world over."

Alice: "And looked at, forever."

Amanda: "Yes."

Alice: "You've got quite a substantial bridal business haven't you? I don't suppose you've had any phone calls from Buckingham Palace?"

Amanda: "No, I'm not even going to go there, but I would never talk about any of our customers."

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