Alderney yes to Royal Wedding holiday

John Beaman has been elected chairman of Alderney’s main States committee. Mr Beaman takes over as head of Policy and Finance after Richard Willmott stepped down from politics last year.

Mr Beaman polled five votes - just one more than Ian Tugby, who had earlier been elected Vice-President, following the retirement of Colin Williams. Mr Tugby polled six votes for the role, three more than Bill Walden.

Mr Beaman, who was elected to the States in 2008, said he would look to include every member in the decision-making process. 'I think I can represent the other members. We have a talented bunch of people and I’ll try and get the best out of everybody. Each member has got something to offer and I want to include everybody - it’ll be total inclusion.'

Paul Arditti, who along with Boyd Kelly was elected to represent Alderney in Guernsey’s States last month, also coveted the P&F chairmanship, but failed to receive a single nomination. He was later voted on to General Services, along with Mr Beaman, Mr Tugby, Mr Kelly and Raymond Berry. Mr Arditti wasn’t at the meeting as he is on holiday. He was sworn-in as a member in December.

Mr Walden remains chairman of General Services, while Geoffrey Sargent continues as chairman of Building and Development Control. Both were re-elected unopposed. Peter Allen, Tony Llewellyn, Matt Birmingham and Mr Berry will also serve on Building and Development.
Elsewhere, Mr Allen, Mr Llewellyn and Mr Walden were elected onto Alderney’s management committee for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Mr Berry and Mr Birmingham were attending their first States meeting, after being elected in November. They were sworn-in along with Mr Llewellyn and Mr Tugby, who retained their seats.

The only other significant States business concerned the Royal wedding on April 29, which members agreed should be a public holiday in Alderney.

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