Crop circles appear at Guernsey farm

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Crop circles have mysteriously appeared in the fields of a Guernsey farm.

The Watts family have found an elaborate design in their wheat field, as well as another circle in one of their maize fields.

And they've yet to check all their other fields in St Andrew's.

The family have an open mind about how they got there.

Claire Watts from Meadow Court Farm said: "They do look pretty good and I'm pretty sure there was somebody who's done it before has been involved. So it could be aliens or it could anybody we know."

Guernsey News from ITV Channel Television - cropcirclesone.jpg

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Crop circles in Guernsey. Report Abuse
Posted By: Richard Abbey. St Saviour. on 16-Sep-2010
For the gentleman who wrote these crop circles are scaring kids. No need for children to be afraid, 'alien' is a word NASA uses to frighten us, these people are not ugly creatures, they are far more beautiful than we are. It's just scare mongering by those who are hiding the truth from us.

IEOU Report Abuse
This has been made by IEOU... And the 4 circles represent as well the 4 letters of the Greatest Name of God: IEOU: Ineffable Entity of the Original Universe... IEOU´s Equality Oneness Unity. This is the call, the Time for Time Travel in the 4th dimension, the time of a Life time up to the Origin of Everything

crop circles Report Abuse
Posted By: david st. peter port on 29-Aug-2010
in one part on this story under all the comments someones sed that machines have been used to make these circles and i can see this person whos sed this has not realy looked in to it propely and just sed that .for qwickness thats all, if so how would they get any machine to the middle of the filed without flattening rest as they will need to carry the thing to the middle of the filed and leve a foot path behind them as they walk across the filed ,and also what about the noise on this very tiny island how is it possiball to cut or flatten grass and nobody dose not to get to here any noise at nite

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Super-Rob on 27-Aug-2010
Some close-up (macro) photos of all the circles, including the seed heads would be very good, along with shots of the stems close to the ground. I agree that the TV clip is as useless as expected, but I guess they're not trained. :)

Crop circles in Guernsey. Report Abuse
Posted By: Richard Abbey. St Saviour. on 27-Aug-2010
I have a friend who reported seeing a UFO on the night these crop circles must have occurred, flying in the direction of Guernsey after 1-am in the morning. He is a barman at the Royal Yacht hotel. We both saw one last summer at the same time early morning which I reported only to be ignored. Then the Jep published a photo of UFOs that was taken out over the Channel just after my report to them. I know what I saw and it's not the first time either. Try looking up sometimes on a clear night sky.

crop circle Report Abuse
Posted By: roger sugden on 24-Aug-2010
I have been in many crop circles and study them in great detail along with other scientist, and I can tell you for sure that some of thse circles, and other designs,have yeilded up some amazing discovery. . Peter is not quite accurate with the nodes,however, that is one of the primary tells as to the authenticity of a formation . For accurate info on these circles come visit If you like real science, you can find it, along with the other mysteries of the circles.

Silly Season Report Abuse
Posted By: Ed in Alderney on 23-Aug-2010
You can definetly tell it's silly season! :-D

Crop Circles Report Abuse
Posted By: Peter on 23-Aug-2010
Interesting, first of all, kids deal with a lot worse than this in response to the above comment. I like to think of these as a modern fairytale! I am completing an MA in Applied theology and I am a guernsey man, my dissertation is looking specifiacally at anomalous experience and as part of it I have studied such formations a fair bit. My comments on these, is that they are simple (compared to many), It is possible that this is a hoax, but I dont think this was done by machine. Sadly I now live in Canada, but I wouldnt want to say much more without visiting the site. However there are many examples, which are very hard to explain by conventional means. The most telling issue will be the way in which the nodules on the plant have been broken, a genuine formation will show a decreasing amount of destruction of the nodules away from the centre of the formation. If there is no destruction then it is a hoax. Anyway lots of interesting information out there.......

Crop Circles Report Abuse
Posted By: Chris de Ste Croix St John on 23-Aug-2010
I blame Spec Savers!!

Seriously with this again? Report Abuse
Posted By: Anonymous on 23-Aug-2010
Wow... last i heard publicity stunts are cool...? Seriously, do you really believe that out of everywhere in the world, guernsey would be the picked place? Also the grass was flattened by machinery, a roller of some description, notice how the grass all directs the same way, it's just been pressed by somebody walking round in circles with a piece of equipment, If it was a real crop circle caused by something else, things would be very much scattered around. Seriously, is this what it takes to get on the news nowadays? Wow i'm going to go and line up some stones in a certain order in the middle of a common and claim it was aliens who did it. This shouldn't be on the news, all it does is scare kids making them think that aliens are going to invade guernsey, it's pretty unfair to do this, So do us a favour and cut these articles out.

Currently displaying the top 10 comments View all 10 comments

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