Record numbers for Remembrance Sunday

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Wreaths have been laid at memorials around the Channel Islands to mark Remembrance Sunday.

In recent years the number of people attending the services has been growing - a trend which continued strongly this year.

In Guernsey, the Smith Street cenotaph site is now too small for the annual gathering.

And in a break with tradition in Jersey, bikers joined the end-of-parade march past before their own wreath-laying ceremony. They also made a 1000-plus donation to the Poppy Appeal.

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[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: DirtyBiker on 17-Nov-2012
Thanks for the apology JerseyD, but the bit about dirty bikes, is still out of line. Not all of us ride/want to ride or can afford big shiny harleys. some of us ride day in day out. every day of the year. The Harleys and "shiny" bikes you saw at the front are likely fair weather riders who go out when its good and when they feel like it. (not all of them, and there is nothing wrong with this at all). So yeah my bike had a bit of mud on it from my commute back/forth the 2 days before. Yeah the chrome needs ALOT of work, but i bought it second hand a month back for 1400 and ive been deciding what to do...bit skint after the huge 800 odd on insurance. why should this make me any less eligible to ride? A fair few of my family were deployed in ww2 and im sure some i dont know about in ww1. I used to be in the cadets n did the march past yearly too. So i feel i should go for them and to support the poppy appeal. I also enjoy the ride and the communal aspect of it. As for jeans...what do you want to wear? racing leathers? all i have are kevlar jeans and some textile over the tops. im not going to ride in dress trousers n dress shoes.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Angry Annie on 14-Nov-2012
Jersey D I appreciate your apology even though you still had to get the bit in about dirty bikes (who cares as long as they turned up). In future please think before you post anything, I can assure you many people I talked too were offended by your comments.

I withdraw my statement Report Abuse
Posted By: JerseyD on 14-Nov-2012
I have tried to apologise, had not relaised how much the Bikers do over here - my message has not been posted :( Do still think that too many people jumped onto that parade (didn't even bother to clean their bikes some of them) but I do now understand why the Bikers were added to the parade. My apologies to anyone I have offended.

I was wrong Report Abuse
Posted By: JerseyD on 13-Nov-2012
To all those who posted on here, clearly I was wrong - I had no idea how much the bikers had done and after reading below I do now. No issue wasn't against the bikers (I used to play in their bunker out st ouens as a kid) it was the fact that anyone seemed to be able to join that parade, the guys up the front looked the part but by the end of the riders they looked as though they'd hardly bothered and that was my gripe, I apologise to all those I may have offended.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Angry Annie on 13-Nov-2012
JerseyD you owe the bikers an apology and you should be proud that there r people like this that give up their time to help servicemen and their families who come over to the Island, go down to La Braye, or the harbour on a Sunday, have a chat with them and you will find out what a nice bunch of people they are, and please do not judge a book by its cover, because this time you are so wrong !!!!

Bikers/Remembrance Day Report Abuse
Posted By: Andy Lane on 13-Nov-2012
Judging by the huge round of applause we received when we 1st entered the parade I would hazard a guess that the unhappy person complaining is very much in the minority . They should also know that we were INVITED to take part , it wasn't a request from us !!!!! Agreed everyone is welcome to an opinion but please remove your blinkers before voicing it !!!!

JerseyD........ Report Abuse
Posted By: Digit on 12-Nov-2012
Well JerseyD, I have to say I was going to post here earlier about your comments but I took some time out as I didnt want to post some pointless rant. It truly sadens me that you feel this way, I took part in the Rememberance ride and as we rode past the crowds I didnt see one person , not one person that wasnt pleased to see us there, all I saw was a sea of smiling faces from old to young. It is a tremendous privilage to be asked and be able to participate on Rememberance Sunday, Fran, Rob and Lee did us all proud and they continue to, not just on Sunday but throughout the year we participate in the Holiday for Heroes visits helping Servicemen and their families enjoy their stay here by taking them out on our bikes and showing off some of our beautiful Island, a truly humbling and heartwarming experience for all of us. Some of us may have dirty Jeans and Bikes but it isnt about the outside, its whats inside that counts. All you have to do is just open your eyes.

Remembrance Sunday Report Abuse
Posted By: Vicky on 12-Nov-2012
Thank you JerseyD for your comments, because now the people who really 'get it' have been presented (by you) with an excellent opportunity to set the record straight. I speak with first hand experience of those bikers you saw fit to critisize and would like to let you know the following, which from your comments I assume you are unaware of. Those amazing, kind, considerate, dedicated and proud bikers consist of ex-serviceman and their family's as well as other earth angels who give their time, friendship, kindness and supoprt to sick and injured serving personnel as well as injured veterans and their familys, without any reward or expectation in return. They offer their friendship to strangers, their kindness to those less fortunate and their support to an amazing and dedicated cause of helping complete strangers who are in life changing dark places through no fault of their own, while serving their country and keeping you, along with the rest of the population safe, free and with privaliges they wouldn't otherwise enjoy. The bikers were there to once again offer their unconditional support to the Military and their familys past and present, as well as each other, some of whom have been extremely brave, not only in their service to their country but also in dealing with life changing siuations they have been left to face after they have left the Military, most of which will never leave them. I don't expect you to understand any of this if you haven't stood in their shoes but maybe you will now know a little more than you did about those wonderful, brave and loyal bikers who by giving their support and time once again not only made it a heart warming occasion but also raised well over a thousand pounds to help yet more people who are struggling to even meet basic daily requirements like feed themselves, clothe their children, or pay their bills. I can tell you this for a fact as I was lucky enough to be helped by those bikers and I will be forever in their debt. I will never forget their kindness, banter, and outstanding generousity to complete strangers of whom they expected nothing in return. They would never explain this themselves as they expect nothing in return, but I want you to know that if you were lucky enough to stand along side them on Remembrance Sunday, then you were in the very best of company and I feel sorry for you that you didn't realise that at the time as you are the one who missed out. Not to worry though, maybe now you do know that, you will be happy to follow their example and support them from now on as they do for others and enjoy the display of unconditional support they give to a wonderful cause that they are dedicated to 'Holidays for Heroes Jersey'. Thank you again JerseyD for presenting us with this opportunity and enjoy the year round events that are arranged and carried out by these amazing bikers and their familys as well as by visitors and the people of Jersey who turn out to witness such brilliant events!!! Thank you Holidays for Heroes Jersey and those amazing bikers!!!!! Forever endebted, Vicky xxx

Motorbike Remembrance Day Parade Report Abuse
Posted By: Deputy Sean Power on 12-Nov-2012
I have seen and taken part in Remembrance Day here many times and I have seen Veterans Day in the USA. It is a big tradition in the US now to see bikes of all makes, sizes and condition in parade on Veterans Day honour parades.. I am not sure what point Jersey D wishes to make? Special permission was sought and granted to ride on the Parade in the direction chosen and agreed. As regards older and "dirtier" bikes, in Ohio two years ago, I saw Vietnam vets on old battered tatty Harleys riding with pride. One guy came out of hospital for the day to get on his old bike and honour his fallen brothers. Bikers are a brotherhood and the stronger it gets in Jersey, the better. So, Mr Jersey D, maybe you should not judge by appearances but instead come out and make yourself known to the Jersey bike brothers and sisters

Remembrance day. Report Abuse
Posted By: Bobby, St Clement. on 12-Nov-2012
Jersey D, why o why spoil such a respectfull day shame on you, You should find out the true facts before you make comments never too late to talk please open your eyes.

Remembrance parade for all Report Abuse
Posted By: Melanie St Brelade on 12-Nov-2012
Most people like to take an opportunity to do their bit for our servicemen, who choose to give up their ordinary lives to protect others. These were just some of the bikers who have raised money and played host to many servicemen who come to the island to recover. This is a modern world and displays of loyalty and support are not seen enough. The bikers all behaved with great honour and respect and being invited to attend the end of the parade was a great indication that all their efforts throughout the year are indeed appreciated. I hope JerseyD is more appreciative of what the bikers of Jersey do having read some of the responses as it is a shame if the blinkers are too firmly on.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Bob - St Helier on 12-Nov-2012
I think you need to pull your neck in JerseyD. You really need to think about engaging your brain before your mouth. All the bikers and bike clubs in Jersey, of which i am member, have raised a lot of money for charities like Holidays for Heros. We dont do it for praise, recognition or credit. Ex servicemen come to Jersey in the summer with the help from the charities we raise money for. Those who are able are taken on a costal ride by bike, but no one is left out or forgotten and time is spent with the servicemen and their families chatting and generally making them feel welcome to our island. Many of them have kept in touch with the bikers after their visit. These people have made sacrifces that you or i could never imagine and we all owe them a massive debt of graditude for this. If we can make them smile by taking time out to take them for a ride or have a drink with them and their familes then thats great. We spoke to many people yesterday who had nothing but positive things to say, but i knew their would no doubt be some mindless comments like yours. It upsets me greatly that narrow minded people like yourself have an opinion on something you clearly know nothing about and have probably never done anything to support. Sitting on your backside making negative comments helps no one, so surely your efforts could be better spent doing something positive that makes a difference. I would like to close by saying the bikers were actually invited to go at the back of the parade as way of thanks for the money we have raised and time we spent with those who come to Jersey. We were extremely touched by that invite and we accpeted it in the manner it was offered......genuinely sincere. These people truely do see the bikers for what they are....honest, caring and respectful. Obvioulsy you still have the 'islands narrow mindedness tinted glasses' on.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Angry Annie on 12-Nov-2012
Get your facts right before you write anything. Firstly some of those bikers are ex-soliders and had more right to be there than you and the bikers also give up a lot of time taking our injured soliders and their families when they come over to Jersey. Also a lot of bikers clubs were set up by ex-soliders so do not annoy me anymore and also those "dirty" bikers as you call them raise over 1,400 yesterday for the poppy appeal, how much did you raise !!!!!!!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Tony Pike on 12-Nov-2012
1,006 pounds actually! ( one thousand and six pounds) from 160 plus bikers In the parade , Bikers Isles de la Manche.

Bikers? Report Abuse
Posted By: JerseyD on 12-Nov-2012
Why did the bikers get to drive down the parade? That day is to mark the memory of falled soldiers - not watch bikes, some of them were very impressive but others were just poeple out for a Sunday drive in jeans and on a dirty bike... DIdn't agree with that at all

Currently displaying the top 15 comments View all 15 comments

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