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A Sark politician has organized a protest rally for tomorrow (Saturday 3rd November) because she claims the Barclay brothers are taking over the island and putting farmers' livelihoods at risk.

Rosanne Byrne heads up the Agriculture and Environment Committee and is angry because she claims the brothers' company Sark Estate Management now own roughly a quarter of the island.

She also claims the company have planted, or are planting, vines on 31 fields. Farmers who used to lease the land now have nowhere for their animals to graze.

Miss Byrne was talking to one farmer who says, "For the last few years I have been asking SEM to write a more secure contract, but to no avail."

Farmers have said that they stand to lose more fields in the near future, which would result in the loss of their livelihoods.

The politician claims that all Barclay-owned land will be made into vineyards.

The Agricultural and Environment Committee believe that Sark's landscape has suffered because of the mechanical process of vine planting.

They say that many residents fear that Sark's vital tourist industry will suffer.

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a bit of a thought... Report Abuse
Posted By: the man - sark on 07-Nov-2012
i would like to remind everyone that the committee in question is in fact called the 'agriculture committee' the ' agriculture and environment committee' is a non existent make believe used to give a certain local politicians personal crusade a more authoritative edge. see for proof.

stop barclay brothers Report Abuse
Posted By: Suzi Cuttle ex St Peter Port on 05-Nov-2012
Having grown up in Guernsey and spent happy days in Sark, I would like to know how I can give my support to prevent the Barclay Brothers from destroying the integrity and the wildlife of the island.

Currently displaying the top 2 comments View all 2 comments

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