Bronze Age axe heads discovered

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Jess Dunsdon reports.

A 3,000 year old pottery vessel has been found in a field in Trinity in Jersey.

The pot containing two axe heads is thought to be from the late Bronze Age.

The vessel contains both weapons and tools and is thought to belong to a Bronze Age merchant. - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - axe head 1

It is rare that these weapons have been found intact after 3,000 years.

The next few months will see more excavation work taking place and the artefacts will need to be examined.

The top part of the hoard has been damaged by a plough but it is not yet understood the extent of this damage.

Ken Rive who discovered the hoard believed he had found something significant and contacted Jersey Heritage.

Jersey Heritage say the hoard most likely won't go on display until next summer.

Three months ago, a multi million pound coin hoard was also discovered in Jersey.

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Metal Detection Report Abuse
Posted By: Matthew Errington on 11-Oct-2012
Another amazing find. It will be your turn next Anthony Wagner !

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: anthony wagner on 10-Oct-2012
nice one still wating to find my tresure detecting over 30 yrs

Findings Report Abuse
Posted By: Curtis Monks on 10-Oct-2012
My dad has a house at Archirondel. Up on the banks of the land there is some WW2 bits up there that need uncovering as they have loads of ground above them. We think it could be a bunker underneath that hasn't been uncovered yet. Who could we contact to ask if its registered as it may still be dangerous by having ammunition but we would really love to uncover it! If anyone knows who we could ask please email me on thanks!!

Currently displaying the top 3 comments View all 3 comments

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