Former Senator is freed on bail

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Iselin Vale reports on how Stuart Syvret walked free from court.

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Adam Fowler has the story of the Support for Stuart Syvret.

Former Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret has walked free from court following a successful bail application less than 24 hours after being found guilty of contempt.

Mr Syvret was jailed on Wednesday for ten weeks. The main reason he was granted bail was that he would have served most, if not all of his sentence, before his appeal could have been heard.

He will now appear at a directions hearing in January.

On leaving the court Mr Syvret told Channel Television: "I'll be going for the appeals process, I'll be taking other civil actions also, against the States of Jersey, I don't expect any long term success within the island obviously because the judicial system is so politicised here but this has all been taken with a long term objective to challenging the structure of power in Jersey before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and that has always been for at least the last two years, the long term goal and the actions taken agains me in the last day or so, I mean jailing me for 10 weeks, on the basis of three charges I'd only had less than 24 hours notice of, you know, it's great actually because it just adds massive weight to the evidence and the cause of getting Jersey cleaned up."

Advocate Christopher Scholefield also told us his realease on bail pending an appeal was not unexpected: "It's not unusual, it happens all the time. If you're convicted but you are appealing and your prison sentence is not a very long one, you're granted bail very often, pending your appeal, so that by the time the appeal case is heard there isn't the danger that you've already served your sentence in prison."

Meanwhile UK politician John Hemming MP said he believes Stuart Syvret is a victim of 'political persecution'.

Mr Hemming has tabled a Commons Motion on the matter. He says he is shocked at the decision by the Jersey courts and is calling for the British Government to raise concerns about his treatment.

The motion has the support of UK MPs Peter Bottomley and Bob Russell.

Mr Hemming told Channel Television: "It's wrong to prosecute him because it is in the public interest for people to know what's going on. The politicians have a duty to speak out, the whistleblowers should be protected not jailed. I've already tabled a Commons motion about the issue. I have spoken to the Chair of the Justice Select Committee. And I have written to the Minister of the Crown Dependencies. And the issue will be taken up over the next week or so."

No one expected Stuart Syvret to be released so soon after he was taken to La Moye, least of all his supporters who mounted a campaign for what they called 'justice' for the former Senator.

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Full Interview: Adam Fowler spoke to the former Senator as he took his first steps to freedom.

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syret Report Abuse
Posted By: benny on 22-Oct-2011
lets not forget that this man blew the whistle and exposed some sick perverts who like malesting children

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Phil, St H on 19-Nov-2010
..and so this whole sorry saga continues while he continues to dominate the headlines. Publicity to him is what oxygen is to the rest of us!

Joke Report Abuse
Posted By: Syvret Happy on 19-Nov-2010
Lock him up and throw away the key!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Laurence, St Saviour on 19-Nov-2010
I hope that the British Government investigates Jersey's political interference and Courts system. There is obviously something wrong where the States of Jersey and the Courts have appeared to have colluded in persecuting a respected politician for telling the truth and telling the public. You know the truth when the Chief Minister will not accept a report that vindicates the former Police Chief of any wrongdoing and will not apologise for his illegal suspension before retirement. The States of Jersey and its legal system need serious investigation by an external review committee so that all Jersey islanders and the Channel Islands as a whole can feel they are free of State interference in legal matters and legal interference into States matters. The two appear to be intertwined which is not healthy for the Public that they serve. For Jersey Politicians not to back ex Senator Syvret also shows collusion against him from the Jersey States of Deliberation. Shame on you Jersey!

Dangerous man-but not in the way he thinks Report Abuse
Posted By: Martin (St Helier) on 18-Nov-2010
+ What those who support Syvret seem to overlook is that he appointed himself to decide someone was guilty, then used a heavily edited blog to promote material in a manner forbidden by laws passed by a legislature he was part of. What he did was to try to override the rule of law to bring down his own brand of justice on someone against whom there is no evidence for a prosecution. This what Stalin did and Mugabe does. Very dangerous to the liberty of ordinary people-and thus ultimately tragic that some ordinary people can't see through his attitude. Stong words? Too right. Champion of justice? Give me a break!

Re ex Senator Stuart Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: camelia,st Helier on 18-Nov-2010
To Alan from St Brelade,yes the justice system is a joke.That's why the ex Senator is trying to do something about it.He has been shouting it out from the rooftops for many years.Maybe more people are listening now.Camelia.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Angie, St Mary on 18-Nov-2010
This appeal is just going to cost the taxpayer more money. How much have we spent already, 150k? If he'd just try to be a MAN for once, he could have admitted the traffic and data protection offences and got away with slap on the wrist and a small fine. But no instead he runs away like a COWARD and stays with his millionaire, philandering friend in London..This is showing contept ot the people of Jersey and I for one hope he does his time.

Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: Cross Crapaud, St. John on 18-Nov-2010
Agree with Nick, the chance to play martyr was far too good to miss. I'm also disgusted at the fact that he didn't even bother to dress properly for his hearing! Perhaps we should al club together to buy him the top button for his shirt!

Syvret farce Report Abuse
Posted By: Jeremy, St Helier on 18-Nov-2010
Well I cannot see how this event benefits his case because this appeal has just postoned matters for now.

Magistrate got it wrong Report Abuse
Posted By: Denise St Saviour on 18-Nov-2010
Yesterday in court, Stuart Syvret requested bail pending his appeal, magistrate Shaw flatly rejected his bail request. Had she had done the right thing, Stuart Syvret would not have got such high profile publicity.

Makes no sense Report Abuse
Posted By: Robbie on 18-Nov-2010
If this is down to the courts not advising Syvert about the change in charges, then surely this is a pretty serious error on their end. To have someone in such a high profile case walk free after sentencing is inexcusable and the pubic should demand an explanation from the court. As far as Stuart's MP friend commenting on the matter - he fails to realise just how poorly the former Sentator has behaved on a local, public and global scale in the last few years and is at least partially responsible for 100,000's waste of public money as well as seriously damaging the islands reputation. If anyone was in the position to raise awareness to various issues, it was the longest serving politician. It's just he took every single wrong step in doing so.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Ant on 18-Nov-2010
24 hours notice of 3 charges which ultimately led to a custodial sentence....!!! How does this work?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Nick - St Martin on 18-Nov-2010
He received a custodial sentence only because he refused to do community service. In short he is happy to serve the community as a States member on 42K a year but not when there is no cash involved. Of course the chance to play the martyr is also toogood to miss

Syvret walks free??? Report Abuse
Posted By: Bernie, St Helier on 18-Nov-2010
I think everybody deserves an explanation from the Courts. If they have gone against protocol then we need to know but as for justice, this is a joke like Alan says. This is a very high profile case and its important to get it right.

Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: Alan, St Brelade on 18-Nov-2010
Our justice system is just a joke.

Currently displaying the top 15 comments View all 15 comments

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