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A third supermarkert is coming to the Channel Islands.

Sandpiper CI has announced it's sold its five main supermarkets to Waitrose.

It will include the three Checkers supermarkets at Red Houses and Rue des Pres in Jersey and Admiral Park in Guernsey, as well as each of the Safeway stores in the islands.

200 jobs will be created in the move, which is subject to the approval of the competition regulator.

Sandpiper say the sale will allow them to concentrate on their smaller outlets. Tony O'Neill from Sandpiper, said: "We feel now it's probably the time to hand over to a larger operator and we've been frankly inundated by a level of interest from various operators across the UK. Therefore we decided it was right that we should engage with those parties."

The Sandpiper Group will continue to run all its small food stores. So in effect that'll mean there will be three supermarket operators - the Sandpiper Group, the Co-op and Waitrose. Jersey's Chamber of Commerce has always been against that notion of having three operators - But it seems in this case, they've changed their minds.

Kevin Keen from Jersey Chamber of Commerce said: "We were against EDD's policy of trying to create new retail space when it clearly wasn't required and you know really interfering with the market - and it's been proven now that the market is able to solve its own problems so I think it's a good news story and Waitrose is a great operator as well."

Waitrose say all of Sandpipers' current staff will be kept on and they plan to create 100 new jobs in each island. Farm shops are also welcoming the store's arrival as they believe there's some business to be had.

Julia Quenault from Classic Farm Shop said: "Waitrose is one of the better reputations of UK supermarkets in trying to source locally and supporting their local suppliers. So there may even be opportunities to perhaps export to Waitrose stores in the UK which'll be exciting."

The takeover's still subject to the Competition Regulator's approval. But if they get it, a Waitrose will be coming to a store near you next spring.

What do you think about the sale? Are you excited about having Waitrose in the islands? Do you think it will have a negative impact on local suppliers? Would you rather see a budget supermarket introduced into the islands? Leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you.

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[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: carol on 24-Mar-2011
im not sure about waitrose ...i was working there when thay took over ...there very scrict on interviews its rediculous what these poor people go threw ive seen them cry i pity the people on saturday who have interviewa .....ooh i feel sorry for them im glad we got a way with it as half of us wouldnt of passed ..you no interviews used to be 30 mins now it 9 to 12 ...what do thay do to them so i wish all the people who come for an interview be strong

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: barbara on 16-Mar-2011
waitrose came here i hoped for a partime job .....as im 54 i got told i was to old and been out of work to long ...is this because im disabled with arthritis there must be a firm on this island that takes the older lady with lots of expierience

It's more than just a third supermarket Report Abuse
Posted By: Mel, St Brelade on 06-Aug-2010
So we have the Coop, we have Sandpiper (M&S, Checkers and Iceland) and we have Spar. We are losing a relatively lower priced supermarket, Checkers, to be replaced by the highest priced supermarket in the UK, Waitrose. Okay, it is a third supermarket, but is it what is best and what is needed? I seem to remember one of the many debates in the States Chamber concluded that we needed Lidl or Aldi to come over, to provide the population with affordable food. The request to trade here by a popular, competitive supermarket (Tesco I believe) was turned down but in the end we get the Rolls Royce supermarket, okay, quality, but at a price. Why did the States even bother to debate a supermarket? If we live in a democracy and a free market society then the economy will make the decision about which business will do well. We are constantly being compared to what they do in the UK. If Jersey is falling down a black hole then maybe now is the time to become a council within the UK. It would kill off the finance industry, bring back tourism, reduce the population, reduce many many costs (but our rates would probably be higher). We would have employment laws that meant something, racism and equality laws and no more arrogant States members to listen to. The island would suffer for a few years whilst it created its new identity but this island needs a good shake-up. Deliberation over small issues whilst letting the big issues run over the Rock like an out-of-control steamroller seems to be the order of the day within our present Chamber. If nothing else, the States should just stop for a while. Take stock of what we have, don't commit to anything new, let dust settle. Then, review what the island really needs, what is best for the welfare of its population, without being arrogant and imposing. Show some care for the people who are loyally sitting it out during this awful phase. Work with the people instead of against them. Take a deep breath and look with fresh eyes. The supermarket situation highlights the total indecisive and hypocritical actions that we are having to suffer from our leaders. There is little point in making public comment because it just confuses the Chamber, so they ignore it. Thanks for the opportunity though Channel TV, nice to know that we have somewhere to have a rant!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Sally on 29-Jun-2010
I think its good that Waitrose are coming, because when I go back to England I always find myself quite jealous of the variety that is offered in the English supermarkets, including Waitrose. For example, in Jersey, you can only really buy the basic products from the Quorn range, but in Waitrose there is a lot more choice. I also think its good that they buy locally, compared to M&S. In my opinion the fact that M&S food was allowed into Jersey is appaling.

Big Pic Report Abuse
Posted By: Sam, St Brelade on 29-Jun-2010
I'm sure it would be nice if a whole new supermarket chain were to come over (such as Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury's etc) but the fact is is that they don't want to, economy is trying to crash and they don't want it to go wrong. We're lucky even Waitrose considered coming over to be honest. People keep moaning about how prices are going to be much higher than anywhere else, but the way i see it they can't afford to, having the majority of the superstores in the channel islands there is too much of a risk to overprice their products, everyone will simply co to the co-op. If we vote the right person in there is a chance that GST will be taken off food, so that may not be a problem... John Lewis Items will be sold locally i have been told as an employee they are posted as 'supermarket chains' rather than 'supermarkets'...convenience store runs under the title of a 'supermarket chain'.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: trevor , st.Helier on 24-Jun-2010
hi simon my thoughts too . a big big con as usual , will the last person leaving the island switch the light off before we get the bill plus gst

Stop monaing Report Abuse
Posted By: Barry on 24-Jun-2010
Great News, we now have Iceland, Co-Op, Spar, Checkers, Waitrose and M&S on an island 9/5. Spoilt for choice if you ask me!

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Simon Ferrow on 24-Jun-2010
Am I missing something? If Waitrose take over the Checker supermarkets, we will still have just two major supermarkets operators plus the small Checkers and the Spar stores. Where is the win situation in this?

Waitrose Report Abuse
Posted By: Doug (St.Brelade) on 24-Jun-2010
Can't understand why people are complaining about this. We've been crying out for a third operator for ages and now we get one people are saying they are too expensive. Yes they are expensive in the UK compared to Tesco & ASDA, but compared to Checkers & the Co-op here, they are by far the cheaper option.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Colin on 23-Jun-2010
Presumedly then they have had some reassurance that no one else will be allowed in.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: TOM SCOTT on 23-Jun-2010
Waitrose are a very good quality supermarket .but why have the states just spent all there time and money debating about a third supermarket chain

Waitrose Report Abuse
Posted By: Helen (St Peter) on 23-Jun-2010
Waitrose products are expensive. I will continue to shop at the Co-Op. Thanks buy no thanks to Waitrose.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: pickles st helier on 23-Jun-2010
if im not mistaken how can we have a third supermarket when were loseing 2 ie safeway and checqers. thats not giveing the public a choice. ripped off again

Waitrose Report Abuse
Posted By: Jem on 23-Jun-2010
Waitrose holds no interest for me, it is an expensive supermarket when compared with Tesco or Asda. When will people realise that not all islanders earn finance wages & that we need cheaper retail outlets in the islands, not always top end.

Prices Report Abuse
Posted By: Grant, Castel on 23-Jun-2010
As far I am concerned when I lived in England I shopped at Waitrose a couple of times but felt they were to expensive so shopped at Sainsburys. This is what one person said on a forum about Waitrose: Just been there and couldn't believe the price of a lot of the products - even basic stuff overpriced. Think M & S is cheaper!

Currently displaying the top 15 comments View all 40 comments

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