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An arrest warrant has been issued for Senator Stuart Syvret for contempt of court at Jersey's Magistrate's Court.

The Senator failed to turn up to court again, despite being ordered by the magistrate to appear after not turning up earlier in the week.

The arrest will be carried out by the Viscount's Department and Senator Syvret has been granted a 100 bail. If he fails to pay the bail he will be brought before the court by the Viscount's Office.

On Wednesday he said he was seeking legal advice in London and sent the court an email to explain his absence, today there was no communication to explain his no show.

The Senator was supposed to be answering charges of alleged breaches in data protection and having an invalid driving licence. He claims the proper process was not followed leading up to the charges.

Senator Syvret is due to appear in court again on November 9th for an abuse of process hearing. If he is successful with his claims all the charges will fall away.

At an earlier hearing Senator Syvret walked out of court halfway through being addressed by the presiding magistrate Bridget Shaw.

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senator syveret Report Abuse
Posted By: clive driscoll st.clements on 26-Oct-2009
its time this island left senator syvret alone and learn to face the facts and the truth i can think of one or two that should seek asylem to england and syvret isent one of them print this if you like i dont care

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Martin. St Sampsons on 26-Oct-2009
havnt you lot read the police report on his blog ?

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Martin. St Sampsons on 26-Oct-2009
do you lot really think hes in london because of his driving licence, have you read the police report he leaked about a possable "mass murder" at the jersey hospital, that has been swept under the carpet.

Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: Antonio St Helier on 26-Oct-2009
This man is an embarrassment. I found his currying favour with the disenchanted to enhance his own goals and popularity unpleasant, but now making us a laughing stock not only in the Islands but Nationally. The States should take action to stop this clown doing any more damage. I've had Enough of people pandering to him.

Asylum Report Abuse
Posted By: Matt on 26-Oct-2009
Isn't this the same news paper which Stuart and his supporters were attacking only recently for the David Rose story on the Haute de la Garenne 20 Million pound farce? I think the counter evidence against Syvret is pretty well over whelming and if he and his supporters cannot even see it then they all need to be put in an asylum.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: Ben T on 25-Oct-2009
Far to much time is spent on this clown and his petualant rants.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: andrew on 25-Oct-2009
Malcolm, I suggest you read the article in the Mail on Sunday. There is more to this than meets the eye. Only in a UK court is the senator likely to get a fair trial, he has upset too many in the establishment for this to be possible in Jersey.

Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: Malcolm on 25-Oct-2009
Vindicated? He is bang to rights and thats why he has done a runner. Whilst out the Island he cannot do his job so I don't think he should be paid.

[No Subject] Report Abuse
Posted By: andrew on 25-Oct-2009
Latest news is that Senator Syvret is going to request a fair trial in the mainland, finally the truth may be allowed to be told and his actions vindicated

Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: keith on 25-Oct-2009
Start tweeting 'Stuart Syvret is twit'. I did.

Syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: Matt on 24-Oct-2009
The latest from "Syvret News" is that he is now in hiding in London. Look if its just a hundred quid I am pretty sure we can all chip in if only to just have a good laugh.

syvret Report Abuse
Posted By: peter smiley on 24-Oct-2009
It is reassuring to see that the smattering of support he previously enjoyed has all but dried up and the forum has been replaced by by voices with a grasp of reality. Hannah (Panet Earth) your lack of basic legal knowledge in someone aparently so literate is astounding. The motoring offences with which he has been charged are offences of strict liability and his position as a senator does not provide a right to ride roughshod over statute laws underpinned by the government of which he is a part. Irrespective on one's views as to what, if anything he has achieved for victims of abuse in the island, one should not confuse it with common principles af lawful behaviour. The world is not out to get Stuart Syvret, the world has better things to do. He should stop externalising everything that goes wrong in his life. People who do learn nothing. Anyone who believes his current actions and behaviour are in any of his constituents' best interests are deluded.

Exiled madman Report Abuse
Posted By: Bernard on 24-Oct-2009
He has written on his blog that he is in exile in London. Let's hope he stays there permanently.

Syvret finally falls on his sword Report Abuse
Posted By: Mike. St Lawrence on 23-Oct-2009
It must be a great relief to Syvret that his continual attempts at self destruction have finally been achieved by his own hand and his alone.

S.S. (Silly Stuart) Report Abuse
Posted By: David - St Martin on 23-Oct-2009
I think his next term of office (if not at La Moye) will be representing St Saviour from one of their comfortable padded cells.

Currently displaying the top 15 comments View all 33 comments

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